best employee engagement software 2024

The Best Employee Engagement Software in 2024

Zoe Brankin
Zoe Brankin
May 29, 2023
7 min read

Having a highly engaged workforce is crucial for a business to succeed. However, it can be difficult to increase employee engagement in a hybrid work environment. That’s why employee engagement software has become essential. HR professionals face many challenges in the modern workplace from high attrition rates to falling productivity.

Keeping employees motivated is about more than gift cards and snacks in the office. Gallup’s State of the Workplace report shows that only 21% of employees are engaged at work. Creating a system that ensures employees are engaged requires real cultural change across an organisation.

Low Engagement is a Common Problem

Have you recently received low engagement scores in your employee engagement survey? We understand the frustration that accompanies these results. Employee engagement is often hard to detect until, suddenly, the signs are everywhere. Negative attitudes. Turnover. Missed targets. Trust us, you’re not alone in feeling disheartened.

Luckily, we have been researching engagement for nearly a decade. As experts in recognition, we understand that creating cultural change requires a strategy. That’s why we’ve identified the best employee engagement software platforms to help you find a solution.

Employee Engagement Software = A Smarter System

Employee engagement software solutions are proven to improve motivation, lower attrition and enhance productivity.

69% of employees report that they would work harder if they felt more appreciated at work. Indeed, employees who are passionate and purposeful at work are more likely to stay with their organisations. They are over three times more likely to stay compared to those who do not feel this way.

Passionate and purposeful employees have a higher retention rate within their organisations. Workers don’t just want a salary. They want to feel valued.

Highly engaged employees result in a 23% increase in profitability, while businesses that actively engage their employees see an 18% decrease in staff turnover. Even better, engaged employees reduce absenteeism by 41%.

Many different employee engagement platforms are on the market. We’ve analysed them based on pricing and market differentiators, using our knowledge to help you pick the best employee engagement software for your company.

Best Employee Engagement Software

1. Mo

Mo is an employee recognition and engagement platform that helps leaders improve collaboration, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity and performance.

Our platform is designed to enhance culture and engagement in the workplace by empowering managers to create better habits in their teams. Through asynchronous habit creation, leaders can see improvements in teamwork, employee satisfaction, and overall performance.

Mo creates a vibrant culture through the development of team habits, encouraging people to celebrate the moments that matter, from sharing success, recognising results, and appreciating colleagues to rewarding great work.

Not only that, Mo is great for any team, especially hybrid, remote and global workforces. Mo is your complete toolkit for connecting and motivating teams in the new world of work.

Mo is one of the best employee engagement software in 2024
Mo is an award-winning employee recognition software proven to boost engagement

Why Mo is different:

Moments: Mo is short for ‘Moments.’ Moments are social posts that bring people together, lift team energy and help people to feel a sense of belonging. Add a sprinkle of fun with GIFs, photos and emojis, showcasing your culture through the moments that matter.

Your people can select company values to go with every Moment shared, helping to reinforce positive behaviours. Those with reward permissions can even reward directly from a Moment too.

Boosts: Our Boosts feature empowers your leaders to shape new ways of working by automating prompts for your teams to share appreciation, wins, learnings, results and more. 

Leader assistant: The Assistant in Mo will recommend key actions to ensure your busy people leaders maximise their impact on engagement with their team.

The Assistant identifies areas lacking recognition and will remind leaders of upcoming employee occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries. Additionally, if they last shared appreciation with a coworker a while ago, it prompts them to do so.

This tool ensures that your leaders create a more consistent employee experience across your workplace culture, role-modelling positive behaviours and creating new ways of working to adapt to a hybrid work environment.

Integrations: Boost visibility by connecting to Microsoft Teams, Slack or your intranet, so you don’t have to break out of your flow to stay up-to-date.

Occasions: Automate recognition for birthdays, first days and work anniversaries to put celebration at the heart of your culture. Our platform uses employee dates of birth and start dates from your HRIS to make celebrations a breeze.

Insights: We provide richer insights than anyone else in the industry, helping to encourage new behaviours, target improvements to employee engagement and understand the impact on business KPIs. Our insights on Mo usage offer a leading indicator of employee engagement and retention.

Rewards: Mo encourages HR leaders to go beyond traditional, transactional rewards schemes that are largely ineffective in driving results to create more meaningful, impactful programs that create change bottom-up.

We do this by enabling users to create custom rewards and creative nomination programs that centre around values and purpose. Indeed, we also offer excellent customer support and goal-setting before, during and after your integration.

Pricing & Customers: 

Mo’s pricing starts from $2.70 per user per month and works with customers such as Ovo Energy, Punch Pubs, SHL, Involvement, NHS, William Hill, Atlas Hotels, Axol Bioscience 

2. Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an engagement survey platform that helps companies boost employee engagement, retention and performance. They have over 30 science-backed and customisable surveys that provide actionable insights on everything from engagement and wellbeing to diversity and inclusion. And with CulutreAmp, you can also enable ongoing employee feedback, goal tracking and development-focused reviews.

Pricing & Customers: 

Culture Amp offers flexible pricing plans and works with companies such as Canva, Intercom, Etsy and McDonald’s. 

Employee Engagement Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Engagement

Get your complete guide on all things employee engagement

3. Workbuzz

Workbuzz is an employee engagement platform designed to help businesses conduct annual or regular pulse or ad-hoc surveys and capture employee feedback. The platform offers simple, flexible and customisable employee engagement surveys designed for HR Leaders with deskless, hybrid and remote workers. 

Pricing & Customers: 

Workbuzz has a pricing calculator on their website to get an instant quote for your business and works with companies such as Five Guys, LKQ Euro Car Parts and Whistl. 

4. PeopleInsight

People Insight offers the best survey technology combined with the best people to bring you the most intuitive, actionable employee engagement platform. By using People Insight’s survey technology and the expertise of their employee experience experts, they empower businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions and address issues within their organisations. 

Pricing & Customers:

People Insight offers a custom pricing plan and works with companies such as Greggs, Barbour, Müller, Moypark and Vision Express.

5. OfficeVibe

OfficeVibe is an employee experience platform that helps engage team members remotely or in the office and cultivate trust. Their platform helps you better understand your teams with pulse surveys, allowing anonymous responses to help create a safe space to share honest feedback. Other customisable features include 1-1 surveys, feedback templates and reporting.

Pricing & Customers: 

OfficeVibe offers a free plan, moving to $3.50 per person per month for more features and works with companies such as Dyson, Trivago and WeTransfer.

6. Lattice

Lattice is a people management software that can help HR leaders identify what keeps employees engaged, connects performance metrics for rich insight and guides leaders to the most impactful actions. The platform offers features like pulse surveys for real-time feedback on how employees feel about work, onboarding and exit surveys, eNPS and engagement surveys. 

Pricing & Customers: 

Lattice’s pricing starts from $11 per person per month and works with companies such as LinkTree, Monzo and Webflow. 

7. 15five

15five’s employee engagement solution helps keep open lines of communication between managers, direct reports and peers. The platform offers engagement insights, tools, and interactive features to help support employee development and career growth. Managers and direct reports can access performance reviews, role expectations, goals and individual career paths.

Pricing & Customers:

15five’s pricing starts from $4 per user per month and works with companies such as Spotify, Hubspot, Pendo and American Red Cross. 

8. Leapsome

Leapsome is an all-in-one employee engagement tool that enables a continuous cycle of feedback, engagement and personalised learning. The platform has features such as engagement surveys with customisable questions and templates, the ability to request peer feedback from anyone, and learning modules to assist employee development. 

Pricing & Customers:

Leapsome’s pricing starts from $8 per user per month and works with companies such as, Learnerbly and heycar. 

9. Qualtrics EmployeeXM 

Qualitrics EmployeeXM is an employee engagement software that uses feedback and data to help improve employee experience. Even better, this platform allows you to ask for feedback on topics such as benefits or the onboarding process. Management will then receive that data to inform them of possible areas of improvement. 

Pricing & Customers: 

Qualtrics offers custom pricing plans and works with customers such as Volkswagen, Zillow and Goldman Sachs. 

10. Trakstar

Trakstar is performance software that helps HR leaders track, measure and improve employee engagement. The platform offers various features to help identify engaged employees, understand the factors contributing to employee engagement and analytics tools to understand the impact of employee engagement on key business outcomes. 

Pricing & Customers:

Trakstar offers personalised pricing plans and works with companies such as Forbes, Sharp and Pepsico.

Find out more about Mo! 

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Mo is a new kind of reward and recognition platform that makes it easy for busy managers to meaningfully recognise, engage and connect with their teams.

We equip managers with weekly suggestions to energise and connect with their people, help teams build habits of recognition into their day-to-day rhythms and go beyond simple rewards as a way to motivate staff.

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