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Improving team culture in a challenging environment

“Partnering with Mo is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Mo has helped our team to build a consistent habit of peer-to-peer recognition.”

Alex Goodanew, Comms and Engagement Lead, OVO Energy


We spoke with Alex, Internal Comms and Engagement lead at OVO Energy to find out how his team has been using Mo.

Alex’s responsibility is to build and deliver the engagement roadmap in the Operations departments at OVO, and ultimately make sure that OVO employees in the Energy Operations department are happy. This has proven tricky recently after OVO bought over SSE in 2021, meaning that teams are still integrating, coupled with a large number of employees going through redundancies in the coming months.

Mo has enabled Alex to save a huge amount of time, empower employees to easily redeem rewards, and bring a disparate team together in a challenging environment.


The merger with SSE meant that teams are more separated geographically. With people scattered all over the UK, the vast majority of the 750 people in Energy Operations have never met each other.

In addition, “We had different brand identities and loyalties, so we were very broken as a community anyway.”

Add on 40% redundancies and a pandemic where everyone was working from home, and you have a situation where morale was running low and emotions were running high.

With a large demographic of people who know they’re leaving the business, understandably there are frustrations.

“I’m trying to manage that attitude, create positivity, and make OVO a good place to work.”

Prior to Mo, Alex had a very manual rewards and recognition system in place. It used a combination of Google sheets, Google forms, and his own personal credit card (which often got blocked due to so many transactions) on Amazon. It could easily go wrong, and it was very clunky and time consuming.

“The key issue was that no one really spent the credit that they’d built up, because we didn’t have an effective tool to purchase things.” As a result, the rewards and recognition system wasn’t delivering fully. It also took Alex far too much time to sort out rewards – having to manually ask each employee for their address and process each order individually.

When the company looked into Mo, it was a breath of fresh air for Alex.

“I got all 750 of my team straight onto Mo – I didn’t want to do this half and half – we needed a solution right then. I needed a way to easily reward in a way that doesn’t become incredibly manual and laborious.”

“My life is so much easier. All the things I was struggling to keep up with before, I can now do effortlessly. So now I can do a lot more than I could before.”

Alex Goodanew, Comms and Engagement Lead, OVO Energy


With Mo, the Energy Operations team now has a feed of recognition Moments shared, which improves the team’s overall culture. “Everything I’m trying to do is around building culture. Mo gives me the ability to do that because you’ve got this visible feed and everyone can interact with each other. You can see positivity oozing through the feed. We want people to feel that that’s what it’s like to work for Energy Operations.”

Now with Mo, Alex doesn’t have to request each individual employee’s address in order to reward them. “It’s like bam bam bam, super easy to issue. And then people have the freedom to spend it on whatever they want.”

Prior to Mo, Alex found R&R a battle to get done, and would almost limit what he was doing in order to keep up with the work. With Mo, Alex spends so much less time on delivering the R&R program, that he can expand it out and offer more initiatives.

“My life is so much easier. All the things I was struggling to keep up with before, I can now do effortlessly. So now I can do a lot more than I could before.”

One thing that Alex has started doing with Mo is regular ‘Village Hall’ meetings, with awards, raffles, and lucky dip prizes. He was able to give out a full day’s worth of gifts to 50 people in just 30 minutes from the last Village Hall meeting. “That would have been days of work trying to do that if we didn’t have Mo.”

Another benefit of Mo is the reporting. With Ovo’s point scheme automatically set up in Mo, “I have all the data that tells me how much everyone’s using, how much people are spending.”

“It’s made it really easy for me to track all the information that I need to track.” Alex can now see the way that total budget is being allocated, how much each department has spent, and overall usage year to date. Reporting is now a breeze.

What OVO staff think

The employees love it too:

“I really enjoy it. It’s nice to get a surprise Mo Moment or credit from someone and I’d like to think it’s a nice wee surprise for the recipient if I send one too.”

“I think it’s a great tool, the variety of shops you can choose for vouchers is fantastic.”

“Love MO, use it all the time, and think it’s a great tool for giving call outs to people at the time they do something good.”


Increase in peer-to-peer rewards given


Of the team use Mo monthly

30 minutes

To give out a town hall’s worth of gifts to 50 people

How OVO Energy use Mo

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