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Employee Engagement Platform

Solutions to improve employee engagement

Mo is an award-winning employee engagement platform to amplify culture and beloning. Explore how our features can develop your leaders, enrich connections and improve performance.

Boosts Accountability

Build positive habits with Boosts

Boosts nudge teams to share and celebrate Moments that align with your goals, forming game-changing new habits over time.

Empower your leaders

Avoid the one-size-fits-all HR campaigns, empower leaders to create custom habits for their teams. Inspire leaders with Boost templates to save time.

Automate engagement prompts

Automate prompts to remind people to share updates, celebrate success or provide feedback to colleagues.
Home Hero Moment

Celebrate the moments that matter

Build community with social posts

Moments are social posts that bring people together, lift team energy and help people to feel a sense of belonging.

Add personality to every Moment

Add a sprinkle of fun with GIFs, photos and emojis, showcasing your culture through the moments that matter.

Reinforce your company values

Your people can select company values to go with every Moment shared, helping to reinforce positive behaviours.

See important Moments in Teams or Slack

Boost visibility by connecting to Teams, Slack or your intranet, so you don’t have to break out of your flow to stay up-to-date.
Hero Rewards

Delight with rewards

Elevate special moments with meaningful rewards

Empower your people leaders to reward others, enhancing moments of appreciation. Maintain control with budgets and approvals.

No more rewards admin

Issue and redeem from hundreds of rewards easily from one central location without the admin headache.

Ready-made for international teams

Multi-currency support for globally distributed teams with access to reports to simplify tax reporting.

Give busy leaders the tools to engage their teams

Easily see which actions need to be taken

The Assistant will recommend key actions to ensure your leaders role model the behaviours they want to see in their team.

Get a high level view of recent Moments

Save time with a quick view of recent social posts shared within your network.

Keep an eye on reward budgets within your team

Easily keep track of how much budget you have left for the month, and seamlessly distribute rewards from the Assistant page.
Birthday Occasion

Celebrate special occasions

Automate occasion celebrations

Automate recognition for birthdays, first days and work anniversaries. Mo uses date of birth and start date from your HRIS to make celebration a breeze.

Celebrate milestones throughout the work journey

Mo will automatically remind your people about birthdays, work anniversaries and new starters on your team.

Never miss a special occasion

Make sure everyone feels special on the days that are important to them.

Insights to work smarter,
not harder

Measure the success of your recognition efforts

Track team activity and easily report on award nominations.

Understand the impact of company values

See which company values are being tagged the most often, and which ones are less relevant.

Keep your finance team happy

Our sophisticated budget management functionality means you never have to worry about over spending.

Team profiles

Get to know your colleagues

Everyone has a vibrant personal profile on Mo Share working preferences, hobbies and interests, enabling people to connect over common ground.

Personal highlights reels

Pin your best Moments to your personal highlights reel to look back on, and even use in performance reviews.

Follow the people you care about

Follow your work friends and team mates to never miss Moments they share in your feed.

Run employee awards in Mo

Mo’s nominations feature

Recognise great work by running your employee awards directly through Mo’s Nominations.

Easy to set up

Easily set up and run employee awards with very little admin time required.

Automatic reminders to submit nominations

Save time with our automated reminders for your people to submit their nominations.
Ideas Image

Set challenges & generate ideas

Crowdsource ideas

Your people are a huge untapped resource of ideas to solve company challenges. Whether you want to generate ideas on how best to approach the next busy season, or what the team should do for their next social – you can do it all in Mo.

Set challenges to solve company conundrums

Allow people to easily submit ideas and vote on suggestions. We’ll calculate the winning idea for you.

What our customers say

“I love Mo as it gives you a nice overview of all the amazing things happening across the business that we may not know about otherwise. We see thank you messages from our 58 hotels and central functions and it increases engagement between departments.”

Capterra Review

“It has become the pivotal tool in driving and developing the culture we’re trying to build. It has allowed me to deliver so much more than I could before and offer a much greater employee experience. It was able to absorb all previous schemes we had in place whilst offering a wealth of new ones, and it’s made my life so much easier.”

Alex Goodanew
Alex Goodanew
Comms and Engagement Lead, OVO Energy

“Being part of a large company, I definitely noticed a difference in our internal communication – we were able to build a bridge between our Central Office team and the larger Operational teams around the UK. Thanks to Mo, we can acknowledge employees, no matter where we are.”

Capterra Review

Stay safe, secure and connected

Mo fits neatly into your existing tech stack with enterprise-level security and super-speedy onboarding (days, not months)

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