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Your culture HQ

Go beyond traditional employee rewards and recognition, to cultivate the habits and behaviours of the world’s top-performing teams

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Own your story

Mo is a place to build your work story, showcase your best work and learn more about your colleagues.
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Share preferences & interests

Get to know teammates and connect over shared passions with vibrant profiles

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Create personal highlights reels

Pin recognition posts to a 'highlights reel' on your profile to treasure special moments

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Never forget a special occasion

Set up reminders for birthdays, work anniversaries or any special occasion worth celebrating

Connect to others

Work is a shared experience, and we’re in this together.
Stay up to speed on what others are achieving and surface invisible work, so it’s easy to recognise greatness and share appreciation.
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Share moments that matter

Share private, public and team posts to celebrate wins, give praise or say thank you

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Onboard newbies with a warm welcome

Start new hires off with a bang by giving them special moments that strengthen team bonds

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Hassle-free vouchers from top brands

Make it a breeze to redeem vouchers from Amazon, ASOS, John Lewis and lots more

Take control

We enable leaders to focus on what matters most, inspiring their team. We surface the things that matter most with advanced insights and integrations, and save you time with automated workflows.
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Cultivate game-changing habits

Nudge colleagues to appreciate, celebrate and engage: tiny actions, huge impact

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Celebrate success to boost motivation

Celebrate success with reminders to take a mo' to stop and reflect on weekly wins, big and small

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Create a learning culture

Share teachable moments and encourage people to take a mo' to reflect on their work

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Deeply embed your company values

Tag recognition posts with the company values to put great work in context

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Focus on results & drive performance

Share weekly progress towards goals and recognise colleagues who've helped make it happen

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Automate R&R & eliminate admin

Easily manage, automate and report on P2P and top-down rewards and nomination schemes

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