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Why choose Mo’s employee recognition software?

Did you know that 79% of people who leave their jobs, cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as one of the main reasons they left?

Mo’s employee recognition software does things differently. We equip managers with weekly suggestions to motivate and connect with their people and help teams build habits of recognition into their day-to-day rhythms. You can also elevate recognition with company rewards, easily building a streamlined employee rewards scheme.

Moment Belonging

Celebrate the moments that matter

Appreciate with Moments

Using our employee recognition platform, use social recognition to celebrate achievements, occasions and the people that make a difference. Post a Moment publicly or privately, tag company values and add fun gifs. Recognition can be top-down or peer-to-peer!

Make recognition a habit with Boosts

We all know we should recognise colleagues, but it’s easy to forget when life gets busy. Boosts are simple automations that prompt people to reflect, appreciate and celebrate.

Never miss a special occasion

Automate celebrations for warm welcomes, birthdays and work anniversaries. Mo uses data from your HRIS to ensure your people never miss a moment that matters.
Moments Highlights

Highlight and treasure your best moments

Store and showcase all the special moments that make up your journey through work by pinning them to a highlights reel on your profile to look back on. Not only can this boost morale, but it’s also a useful tool in performance reviews.

Multi Currency Rewards

Enhance motivation with meaningful rewards

Simple employee rewards

Make recognition even more special by rewarding great work with our flexible and simple employee rewards credit system.

Empower managers to easily reward

Managers can add rewards to Moments of appreciation at their discretion, which then accrue an employee’s rewards credit.

Huge choice of ways to reward employees

Employees can choose from gift cards from the world’s most popular brands, and you can even create your own custom rewards store. Our extensive rewards store makes it easy to reward your employees in a meaningful way – no matter where they are.

Employee rewards from the biggest brands

And many more!
Peer To Peer Reward

Peer-to-peer appreciation

Enable your people to recognise one another

Start from the ground up with peer-to-peer recognition. Your people will be able to easily give each other shout outs for a job done well – shared publicly or privately – either using our mobile app or on desktop.

Simple peer-to-peer rewards

Give your staff the ability to reward great work from their colleagues. How about £10 a month for team appreciation, or $5 a month for a coffee to someone who’s really demonstrated your company values this month?

Build a sense of togetherness

Employees can react to Moments of appreciation with emojis, comments and gifs, fully embedding appreciation into your day-to-day.

Streamline company awards with Nominations

Save time on employee awards

All you need to do is set up your awards criteria and go – get creative! How about ‘most inspirational’ or ‘most entertaining’? Do you run employee service awards? Mo makes it super easy.

Boost morale with peer nominations

Employees submit their nominees and write a message about why they’re nominating them. Mo will work out the winners, and nominees will be able to read all the kind messages others have written.

My life is so much easier. All the things I was struggling to keep up with before because of how long it took to process rewards, I can now do effortlessly.

Alex Goodanew
Alex Goodanew – Rewards
Alex Goodanew, Operations Engagement Manager, OVO Energy
Mo Budgets

Peace of mind with budget controls

Empower your leaders to reward employees with easy-to-use ‘spending pots.’ Issue and redeem rewards at the click of a button, and seamlessly report on the rewards received by your people to keep your Finance team happy.

What our customers say

“Mo has dramatically impacted our culture for the better. We can see churn reducing substantially and the positive sentiment can be felt in the offices around the world.”

Teri Ellison
Teri Ellison
Chief Human Resources Officer, SHL

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in employee recognition across the organisation.”

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan
People Director, William Hill

“Mo allows me to show gratitude to my colleagues in a place where others will also be able to see how helpful they have been. It’s an excellent incentive for people to work hard.”

Rachel Shirkie
Rachel Shirkie
Employee, OVO Energy

See Mo in action

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Employee Recognition FAQs

Why is employee recognition important?

Showing recognition for your colleagues is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that they feel valued. Did you know that according to McKinsey, the majority of people who leave their jobs don’t do so because of things like salary – it’s actually often down to a lack of appreciation.

Helping someone feel like they belong and that their work matters is easier than you might think.

Learn more in our article, “What is employee recognition and why does it matter?”

What is an employee recognition platform?

An employee recognition platform is a piece of software that can enable you to more easily build a culture where people are appreciated for their work, and where it’s the norm to celebrate employee achievements. Many of these tools, including Mo, offer reward stores for team members to elevate their shout outs with something extra special. Employee recognition programs are done best when using a reward and recognition software tool.

Employee recognition platforms can drastically decrease the burden of time and coordination on HR teams to offer their staff rewards, and they can help to make recognition practices more consistent across companies.

Not only that, Mo goes beyond appreciation to include features that help managers to enhance employee engagement and team performance.

How can employee recognition software improve employee engagement?

According to Gallup, engaged employees result in about 23% greater profitability, 81% difference in staff absenteeism, 14% increase in productivity, and up to 43% reduction in employee turnover.

Employee recognition software like Mo can directly improve employee engagement by building a culture of recognition. In fact, we have lots of customers who have done just that. For instance, SHL increased employee engagement by 9% in their first year of using Mo. It can even contribute to employee retention. Another of our customers found that the more active Mo-using locations saw a 17% decrease in employee turnover.

Learn more about the impact of employee engagement on retention here.

Can employee rewards programs improve recognition?

An employee rewards program, while on its own may not be the be all and end all to improving engagement and recognition, it’s an important ingredient. The key to successful recognition in the workplace is to combine transactional, financial rewards with appreciation and praise to make it more meaningful. This is exactly what we do at Mo.

Every reward is attached to what we call a ‘Moment’, or a social post that can be shared publicly or privately, where you can share exactly why your recipient is being rewarded. Your reward system can be incredibly successful if done right.

What is an employee rewards scheme?

Employee reward schemes are more formal processes for showing recognition to your employees through rewards. You can do this manually, but it will take a lot of work. Alternatively you can use an employee recognition platform like Mo to automate your employee rewards scheme.

How can I reward employees with Mo?

You can reward employees through company rewards set up in Mo. We offer strict budget controls, a global rewards catalogue, and a very easy way to distribute one or multiple rewards. Simply create a ‘Moment’ (or recognition post) in Mo, select your recipient(s) and your reward type, and hit send.

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