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Employee rewards & recognition platform

Recognition-rich cultures vastly outperform others, yet most rewards and recognition programs fail to deliver results. How come? Mo’s software solves this conundrum once and for all.


Traditional staff rewards schemes are broken

Why do so many modern companies still use outdated employee recognition schemes that feel like empty gestures?

The purpose of employee recognition hasn’t changed: it’s all about making people feel appreciated and valued. So what has changed?

Employee expectations. Today’s talent craves purpose, meaning and authenticity – not a one-size-fits-all, transactional incentive scheme that focuses only on extrinsic perks, points, awards and vouchers.

Custom Reward

A better way to reward greatness

With our platform, you can design and automate your rewards and recognition program – but more than that, you can implement it in a way that’s meaningful and impactful.

Go beyond top-down, transactional rewards, with easy-to-manage P2P rewards, budget controls and reporting.

Go beyond vouchers and gifts from top brands (Amazon, ASOS and more, across 26 countries) to create custom rewards. How’s about ‘breakfast with the CEO?

Moments Highlights

Highlight and treasure your best Moments

Moments of recognition shared on tools like email, Slack or Teams quickly disappear in the flow of work. Not so in Mo!

When someone posts a Moment appreciating your work, pin it to a highlights reel on your profile to store and showcase all the special Moments that make up your journey through work.

Look back on these Moments for a morale boost and use your highlights reel to fuel more meaningful performance conversations with your manager.

P2p Reward

Surface unsung heroes

Invisible work is the enemy of motivation.

Yet traditional, competition-based recognition systems pit people against one-another by only recognising the most conspicuous top performers.

What about your unsung heroes, quietly working to deliver extraordinary results?

Mo makes it easy for leaders to see who deserves to be recognised, so you can boost motivation by making the invisible visible.

Reward From Moment

Seize the moment with spontaneous rewards

Mo empowers your employees to reward one-another spontaneously, when they stumble upon an example of greatness.

As your team posts Moments of recognition for one-another – celebrating occasions, saying thank you, or sharing highs and lows – you can reward someone there and then, directly from the Moment as it appears in your feed.

Empower everyone with a more natural, real-time way of expressing appreciation.


Cool, creative awards and nominations

Think bigger than old school ‘employee of the month’ schemes.

Want to encourage people to move fast and break things? Try a ‘Fast failure of the month’ campaign to normalise innovation.

Want to create a more sustainable, ethical workplace? What about a Sustainability Superhero award?

Mo makes it easy to set up, manage and report on nominations and awards.

Moments Weirdness

Never miss a special occasion

Occasions in Mo provide a simple way to bring people together and create consistency in the celebrations that happen across your company.

Connect with your colleagues over moments that matter to your team – whether it’s birthdays, work anniversaries, a warm welcome for new team members, or create a custom celebration using Boosts!

#1 for user experience

Available in 12 languages via desktop and mobile app. It’s so easy to use that your people will love it, wherever they are.

What our customers think

“Mo makes it easy to celebrate wins in a persistent way—not a fleeting line that quickly gets lost in Slack.”

Alec Nickalls
Alec Nickalls
L&D Manager, Castle HR

“Mo allows me to show gratitude to my colleagues in a place where others will also be able to see how helpful they have been. It’s an excellent incentive for people to work hard.”

Rachel Shirkie
Rachel Shirkie
Employee, OVO Energy

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in employee recognition across the organisation.”

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan
People Director, William Hill


What’s the difference between recognition and appreciation?

Appreciation and recognition can often be confused for the same thing, but there is a slight distinction between the two. When we talk about appreciation, this relates to who someone is. Whereas recognition is about what someone has done.

Let’s put this into perspective with examples. Say you had a team member do a presentation, and afterwards, you tell them what a great job they did, and to keep up the excellent work. This focuses on the employee’s accomplishments, an example of recognition.

Another would be to end a team meeting by telling your team that you genuinely value their time and commitment, how valuable they are, and that they are important to the company. This aligns with your team members’ personal qualities, showing appreciation.

What’s the difference between rewards and recognition?

When it comes to acknowledging an employee’s behaviour, many companies merge both rewards and recognition as if they were inseparable, but that doesn’t need to be the case.

Rewards are tangible, such as a pay rise, bonus or voucher. Employee recognition is intangible. It’s the praise for the people you work with.

Rewards are transactional, so they need to have a budget agreed upon by a management team and tend to come with conditions such as reaching sales targets will result in a specified monetary bonus. Recognition isn’t transactional; it’s based on emotion, human connection and the buzz we get from feeling valued and appreciated.

Rewards may attract people to your organisation, but recognition is what actually keeps them there.

How do rewards and recognition motivate employees?

By recognising and rewarding employees, you demonstrate respect and appreciation for their hard work and contributions. It shows you trust they are doing their jobs well, which encourages them to stick around and work harder to give their best efforts. Studies have shown that recognised employees tend to have more confidence, willingness to take on new challenges, and an eagerness to be more innovative!

What kind of recognition do employees want?

With 80% of employees being more motivated when they feel appreciated, it’s essential to understand what kind of recognition they actually want. It can be formal or informal when it comes to meaningful employee recognition, and we believe it’s best to use a healthy mix of the two!

When trying to understand what kind of recognition your employees want, keep in mind their personalities. Some may love recognition-based rewards, others not so much. We have created a list of 15 thoughtful employee recognition ideas, ranging from easy and simple gestures of thanks to creative approaches that will lift your employees’ spirits!

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