Transforming culture, communication and recognition in the face of organisational change

“Mo has dramatically impacted our culture for the better. So much so, that ultimately our people are choosing to commit more of themselves to the business for longer.”

Teri Ellison, Chief HR officer, SHL


SHL is an international company that designs personality, behavioural and ability tests. As one of the largest global providers, SHL operate in 40 countries, with the highest headcount in the US, UK and India. As a business with a complex history of many changes, SHL felt the most recent changes harmed the workforce, leaving their employees feeling uncertain and demotivated.

The HR and senior leadership team collectively realised they needed to look at ways to improve the employee experience to deliver more for their people and ultimately make SHL a place their employees were proud to work.


SHL realised their turnover was at an all-time high, with 75% of employees working there for less than six months at one point. They were looking to address flagging employee sentiment and engagement across the organisation as people were looking for jobs elsewhere. Employees felt under-appreciated for their work and that changes, mission, and values were not communicated effectively by SHL.

With a new leadership team that brought big ambitions to transform the organisation in place, the aim was to encourage more engagement, buy-in and ultimately, loyalty from their current employees. As well as that, SHL wanted to change their working culture and employer brand. They recognised there was a lack of good communication from the top-down and bottom-up, and SHL wanted staff to hear more from their senior team to understand better what was going on in the business and share their opinions and ideas.


Mo is proud to have provided SHL with a platform to help their employees build stronger relationships across the organisation and have a more comprehensive understanding of everyone’s roles and successes.

With Mo, leadership buy-in was imperative. Now, employees have a voice and are being heard by SHL, who actively put many of their suggestions into practice. Watching the recommendations come to life has helped transform the culture at SHL and build on employee retention as their opinions and work are valued. Senior management continues to roll out campaigns to actively encourage staff to celebrate their successes and suggest new ways of working.


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Reduced employee turnover
in their first year with Mo


Increase in employee
engagement in their
first year with Mo

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