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Your teams deserve better than impersonal gift cards

Mo helps make it easy for busy managers to meaningfully recognise and engage their employees

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Most reward & recognition tools fail to help employees feel seen and appreciated

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“Congrats on 10 years! Here’s a gift card.”

They send generic and automated messages in Slack or MS Teams that employees eventually ignore.
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“Well done for being number 1 in sales 3 months in a row.”

They only recognise the top performers (leaving the other 99% feeling under-appreciated).
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1364 points
= £1

They reward using confusing point-based systems that seem generous, but hide their low cash value.

Mo gives managers weekly suggestions for encouragement

Go beyond birthdays and anniversaries. Mo’s Assistant suggests thoughtful ways for managers to regularly build up each of their team members based on their milestones and prompts for who hasn’t been appreciated in a while.

Boost Weekly Wins Boost

Mo prompts team members to appreciate each other

With Mo, managers can use our ‘Boosts’ feature to help teams build habits of recognition and connection over the small things into their day-to-day rhythms, making sure everyone feels seen and appreciated. Mo makes peer-to-peer recognition easy.

Multi Currency Rewards

Mo lets you reward employees in their local currency

Make your reward system more transparent by giving cash-based rewards or gift cards – without creating administrative headaches.

Companies are building stronger, more inclusive cultures with Mo


Higher employee retention


Higher employee engagement


Higher employee engagement scores

In a world where managers are looking at us and saying ‘we’re having issues with turnover, how do I solve it’ we can give them Mo to do exactly that.

Sarah Brocklebank
Sarah Brocklebank
Sarah Brocklebank, HR Director, Atlas Hotel Group

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer rewards for employees?

We certainly do! Mo makes employee rewards a breeze with complete control over your budgets, peer-to-peer rewards, and the ability to give your staff effective rewards in their own currency. Also, we don’t bother with confusing points-based systems. You spend £5 or $5, and your recipient receives £5 or $5.

You can learn more about Mo’s easy to use reward store here.

Can employee recognition improve employee retention?

Employee recognition can absolutely improve employee retention. By making your people feel valued for their work, you make a huge impact on the overall employee experience and culture.

According to research by HR Technologist, 63% of employees who feel recognised are ‘very unlikely’ to look for a new job any time soon.

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