Greater colleague recognition and having fun at work

“I know that colleague to colleague recognition has increased. People never used to recognise each other before, but now because it’s quite easy, they can do that themselves.”

Kinsey Petyt, Communications & Engagement Lead, Involvement


Involvement is an 80-person strong, UK-based packaging supplier. Involvement is a growing community of brands offering Containers and Packaging, Fulfilment and Technology products and services.

Kinsey and her team had been doing employee recognition and rewards the manual way for a long time.

With a large number of colleagues working in the warehouse or on the road as drivers, their desk-based colleague recognition system wasn’t fit for purpose.


Prior to working with Mo, Involvement used a combination of email, Yammer, and Love to Shop gift cards.

It got to the point where Kinsey’s manual process of approving and processing rewards caused her to become a bottleneck. It took at least a week between colleagues recognising each other, and rewards being sent out.

This meant that colleagues stopped recognising each other altogether. Kinsey had had enough and decided she needed to automate her process. She found Mo, and what really cinched it for Kinsey was Mo’s ability to give monetary rewards and tie them to public praise.

Kinsey felt that Mo’s customer support was brilliant from day one. “It gave us confidence in the system, which then meant that we didn’t really need to look around.”

Now that Involvement uses Mo, the speed of colleague recognition is instant, and Kinsey’s various bugbears from the previous clunky process have disappeared. Now that Kinsey isn’t spending hours every week approving and processing rewards, she is able to spend more of her time improving employee engagement and working on internal and external communications.


In the 8 months since Involvement came onboard, the number of moments shared has increased by more than 300%.

On average, team members at Involvement share 25 moments every week, and 75% of employees are logging in to celebrate and share in their colleague’s successes each week.

The fun elements of Mo, including GIFs, emoji reactions and comments have contributed to a sense of psychological safety and increased engagement from the bottom up at Involvement.

It has created an environment in which everyone can participate, and feel that they belong.


Increase in colleague recognition moments


of colleagues log into Mo each week


recognition moments shared each week

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