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Bringing Hybrid Teams Together with Mo at Go Car Credit

“Mo is helping us to take communication between our three sites to the next level. Mo has become an integral part of our culture.”

Hannah Giles-Rumming, HR Manager, Go Car Credit


Go Car Credit specialises in helping people who may have been refused a car loan by other lenders to secure car finance. The team works across three sites in England. We spoke with Hannah Giles-Rumming, HR Manager.

The Go Car Credit team wanted to encourage engagement, visibility, and a sense of community across all teams, despite being separated geographically and through hybrid working. They were also looking to boost employee engagement and retention.

The company really rallied together during the pandemic, with the managers and HR team putting on regular remote events and sending vouchers and gifts to keep up connection and morale. The team were looking to maintain this sense of togetherness without the ongoing manual workload that would come with making that happen.

The Challenge

“We wanted a user-friendly, simple, and effective platform. Something which provided instant reward and a familiar social media style platform where people can easily and visibly interact.”

It was also important that the Go Car Credit team were able to reward employees in actual currency rather than points, that everyone (not just managers) could award money to their colleagues, and that there would be a large choice of gift card redemption options.

“We wanted our people to be able to reward their colleagues with real cash to spend how they wish. Other platforms that offer points can create confusion and potential disengagement which is what we wanted to avoid.”

Finally, it was important that Hannah and her team were able to access detailed reports to review the platform’s performance. Mo delivered on all of the above.


Of employees use Mo monthly


Of managers use Mo monthly


More than 90% of Go Car Credit’s employees use Mo on a regular basis.

“The leadership team, our CEO and managers have embraced the platform, rewarding their team and employees across the business – this has set the tone and encourages the teams to use the platform regularly.”

Hannah is very happy with Mo so far: “Now that we have Mo, we’re able to celebrate and reward our teams and individuals for all to see – for their achievements both big and small.”

“Mo is helping us to take communication between our three sites to the next level. Without Mo it would also take longer for new joiners to the business to integrate and develop positive working relationships. Mo has become an integral part of our culture.”

“Everyone is enjoying the social interaction, learning what different teams and individuals do across the business and how we all work to support our customers.”

Hannah Giles-Rumming, HR Manager, Go Car Credit

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