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Fostering Connection Across the World with Quark


Quark is a leader in digital publishing. They provide tools and platforms that help you create, manage, and distribute content across various channels and formats. Its products streamline content creation and publishing processes, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

Quark is a global organisation with employees across the UK, United States and India.

When they first approached Mo, the company faced difficulties with cohesive collaboration among teams across different office locations. After comparing providers, Quark turned to Mo to provide “seamless integration capabilities enabled cross-departmental engagement, bridging the gap between seasoned employees versus new hires.”

Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Marketing Executive at Quark, didn’t want the company to rely on traditional recognition. She worried that standard recognition software would add to managers’ workload without acknowledging valuable contributions from peers. Hedieh wanted to empower employees to appreciate each other.

“A shift [from managerial to peer-to-peer recognition] would promote a culture where everyone’s efforts are valued, contributing to a more inclusive and positive workplace.”

To enhance customer service excellence, Quark sought a provider that could boost employee engagement and retention, particularly amongst their younger hires. Mo’s reward and recognition platform incentivised better performance and cultivated a sense of valued contribution, raising Quark’s internal and external NPS score.

The Challenge

When we spoke to the Quark team at the beginning of its journey with Mo, the company was at risk of lower employee morale, work ethic, and retention.

“When employees feel as though they are not valued and lack that sense of accomplishment, we risk increasing employee turnover. Employees who feel undervalued or unappreciated may seek opportunities elsewhere, leading to the loss of valuable talent. Within our company, innovation and collaboration are crucial to the overall success of the organisation.”

By nurturing a culture of appreciation and recognition, Quark aimed to elevate both internal and external NPS scores. Mo would allow the company to foster collaboration and recognition across different teams, increasing the flow of information and ideas.

In sum, Quark wanted to reduce turnover rates by creating a more engaging and appreciative work environment, where employee “wins”, big or small, are recognised and celebrated.

“Mo enhanced transparency and visibility in departmental activities and company-wide initiatives.”

Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Marketing Executive, Quark


In 2023, Quark was recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Tech.

Mo has had several positive impacts. Teams within Quark are experiencing increased interconnectivity and collaboration. Employees recognise and interact with colleagues from different teams and locations, fostering a sense of unity within the company. They share updates on charity initiatives, office parties, and other events.

They use Boosts as a catalyst for versatile discussions that stimulate a wide array of discussions amongst teams and colleagues. From celebrating significant achievements and marking important occasions to engaging in more casual discussions like ‘favourite podcasts’, Boosts not only diversify interactions but also provide insights into unique personalities. By balancing professional and light-hearted discussions, Boosts foster a connected workforce that is both productive and engaged.

In sum:

Mo has enhanced transparency and visibility into departmental activities and company-wide initiatives.

Employees can easily view information about various departments, enabling them to understand how each team contributes to the broader company vision.

This newfound understanding has fostered a more informed and aligned workforce, empowering individuals to see how their work fits into the bigger picture.

“We love that Mo offers currency rewards instead of traditional ‘points’. The platform has easy currency conversion, ensuring employees receive recognition in their local currency.”

Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Marketing Executive, Quark

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