Creating a Culture of Appreciation and Empowerment

“The one thing about the Mo app is that you know you’re going to get a positive message, there are no thorns in there!”

Emma-Jane Stewart, Employee Experience Manager, SGN


SGN manages the network which distributes natural and green gas to approximately six million
homes and businesses across Scotland and southern England. Its pipes deliver gas safely, reliably and
efficiently to each of these customers. SGN employs around 4,000 people who work in a variety of
roles including in the office and out in the field who are committed to serving our communities by
keeping everyone safe and warm.

SGN introduced Mo in 2020 to replace a previous platform and allow them to continue building a
recognition-rich culture. We spoke with Kirsty Richardson, Head of Employee Experience and Emma-
Jane Stewart, Employee Experience Manager, to learn more about how SGN uses Mo.

The Challenge

After transitioning away from a benefits-focused platform, SGN moved to a new provider, but unfortunately, it was not used consistently, causing recognition to become disjointed. Additionally, the process of redeeming monetary rewards proved to be cumbersome, resulting in a significant number of unclaimed rewards.

As a result, the organisation experienced a shortfall in recognition, which was evident from the low scores in employee surveys. Determined to address this issue and ensure fairness for all employees, the team initiated a complete reboot, aiming to develop a cost-effective solution to make every employee feel valued.

“We wanted something that seemed very, very easy, and one of the things that I really liked was there was a real variety in the Mo offering”

Kirsty Richardson, Head of Employee Experience, SGN

How Mo helped

Mo has played a pivotal role in reviving SGN’s recognition efforts. The platform was introduced off the back of the pandemic in 2020, and with employees going above and beyond their duties during that time, the introduction of Mo proved highly effective.

The team gradually reintroduced rewards, and with Mo at the forefront, it enticed and engaged employees to use the platform, helping to build momentum. Using the Nominations feature on Mo, SGN ditched the expensive award ceremonies where the same people were being recognised year after year to reward more employees through on-the-spot manager rewards, employee of the month, long service awards and local nominations for hard work. Previously, the nominations aspect was complicated and posed challenges, but Mo’s streamlined approach gained popularity and encouraged more employees to participate.


When talking about the Mo journey, Emma-Jane said, “Engagement has doubled, it started off quite low, and now we are on 90% activation on Mo across the organisation”. Mo has helped transform SGN’s recognition landscape and helped the team foster a culture of appreciation and empowerment.

Kirsty added, “With Mo, we are really rewarding for the right behaviour, and it helps make an impact […] We love the gifs and reactions as it helps bring the platform to life […] The variety, customer service and ease of use allow us to join recognition up”.

In 2021, 62% of SGN employees confirmed they received recognition for a job well done, this increased by 6.5% in 2022.


Increase in employee recognition

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