Great Leaders Focus On People

Why Great Leaders Focus On People, Not Numbers

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Lynsey May Sutherland
Lynsey Sutherland

There’s no arguing with the fact that the bottom line is incredibly important for any organisation, but great leaders think about a lot more than just revenue. 

In fact, the most effective, disruptive and high-performing leaders tend to be the ones who have a human-centric approach. The good news is that even the most revenue-focused managers can give their ethos an overhaul. 

Making your people a priority makes you a better leader

Obviously, no one is suggesting that you stop thinking about keeping your organisation profitable. Still, there are some big benefits to spending less time obsessing about revenue to the detriment of your team’s mental health, and more on the people making your business. Inc reports that by putting people over profits and creating a culture-rich workplace, organisations experience 22% higher productivity and 4% lower absenteeism.

Why the switch to a people-focused style makes sense

A human-centric leadership style has other concrete benefits. No doubt you’ll be familiar with the phrase ’people leave managers, not jobs’, and with a Gallup report finding that 50% of employees have left a job to get away from a manager at some point in their career, the saying is reflected in the real world.  

A people-focused approach may sound a little woolly, but it’s actually highly results-driven. People-focused leadership is characterised by the ability to recognise and develop talent while inspiring trust and loyalty. All of which improve employee engagement and performance, resulting in a healthier profit margin overall. 

How great leaders put people first

It’s not only about attitude – although that can go a long way! – it’s also about action. Here are just a few ways great leaders make a real difference to the people in their teams. 

Building a great culture 

A company’s culture can be one of its greatest assets, and smart leaders know that building a good one will reap many benefits. 

A healthy and well-defined culture creates a working environment that helps individuals thrive. It lays out expectations regarding values and has transparent and achievable goals, which can do wonders for employee motivation. 

It can help with the recruitment process too. The Korn Ferry Institute did some research and found that culture is the number one reason candidates choose a company, so it’s crucial to consider if you want to attract top talent. This brings us nicely to the next point… 

Hiring great people 

Great leaders are always on the lookout for talented and passionate team members. 

Ultimately, the best leaders are brilliant at delegating and see the value in recruiting the kind of talent that will help them create a stronger organisation overall. They’ll look out for people who bring the skills and attitude that improve the workplace for everyone, and they’ll recognise talent when they see it – without feelings of fear or competition. 

Invest in employee development

Helping employees be their best is the sign of a truly great leader. Yes, it may take a certain amount of financial investment to develop an employee’s skills and plenty of time, but it is more than worthwhile. 

Seeing someone as more than a number gives leaders a chance to tap into talents that may not be fully developed yet, it can also help a company thrive. Employee development can save a company money, as adding new abilities to an existing team makes sense rather than having to recruit for a new position. 

It’s also a huge driver when it comes to retention, as employees don’t feel forced to look elsewhere to stretch their muscles.

Flexing their communication skills

Taking the focus off revenue and putting it back on people works best when leaders can effectively communicate with their teams. The ability to present information clearly and concisely while also being mindful of the feelings of the person receiving it is one of the most impressive skills a leader can have. 

Learning about your communication style and its pros and cons can be very useful in developing ways to connect with various personality types. And knowing how to talk to your team will make it evident to them that you’re putting them and their needs first. 

Celebrate large and small wins

It can be very easy to fall into a routine of expectation, especially when you have a high-performing team. But the best leaders will make time to celebrate wins of all sizes. This sort of individualised attention is vital in making people feel valued, and those feelings of value translate into many other positive ones.

When leaders recognise and reward their employees, they create a greater feeling of community and attention. Employees are also likely to be engaged, loyal, and motivated. Using a fun and powerful recognition platform like ours makes it easy to celebrate successes!

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