Webinar: Creating Human-Centric Cultures Through Different Leadership Styles

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Trayton Vance

CEO & Founder, Coaching Focus
Luke Chat

Luke Fisher


Join us as we sit down with Trayton Vance, Founder and CEO of Coaching Focus, to discuss how to create human-centric cultures through different leadership styles. 

Trayton is a seasoned executive coach and facilitator who has worked with an extensive portfolio of clients such as Mcdonald’s, the NHS and Tesco to help them embed high-performance cultures and maximise the potential of their human capital. His mission is to create sustainable performance cultures by developing and embedding a coaching mindset in client organisations. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is a human-centric culture
  • How to build a human-centric culture
  • The importance of human-centric workplaces

… and lots more!

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