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Create a culture of celebration

Occasions is the best way to never miss a moment that matters to a colleague, such as their first day, their birthday or work anniversary.


Celebrate joyous occasions with your employees

Increasing happiness means increasing productivity too.

Taking a Moment to celebrate your employees’ milestones can help create a culture of celebration.

Celebratory cultures are built on a foundation of belonging, social support and social exchange, and can bring with them higher employee engagement, better relationships, and reduced stress and burnout!

Work Anniversary

Happy Workiversary!

Did you know that celebrating work anniversaries fosters employee loyalty by showing your employees you care?

Whether you like it or not, employees are always evaluating how they feel about who they work for.

In Mo, never miss a workiversary again as we will remind you and give everyone the opportunity to congratulate their co-worker on their special day!

Birthday Reward (1)

Never miss a birthday with reminders

Research shows that birthdays are one of the three main days when an unhappy employee is likely to hand in their notice. This is because it’s usually a time where we take stock of our lives as another year passes by.

Finding reasons to celebrate, like birthdays, has the valuable benefit of boosting morale in your team.

Just like work anniversaries, you never have to miss a birthday again – Mo will remind you and create a place for everyone to share their birthday wishes.

Custom Occasion Boost (1)

Get creative with Occasions through Boosts!

Is someone in the team getting married? Or maybe a team member is about to head off on paternity leave… Whatever the occasion, just because there is no reminder for it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it!

Set up a custom Boost in Mo with a short summary of what the Boost is about. ‘Say congratulations to Susan, who just got married!’ and call for Moments from your team to get everyone involved in the celebration!

Welcome Boost

The power of first impressions

We all know that first impressions count.

Joining a new team can be daunting. Helping someone to feel like they belong early in their journey has countless benefits to the success of the team.

We’ve made sure teams are notified when someone new joins, so they can offer them a warm welcome.

Rewarding In The Moment (1)

Make the moment extra special

Mo empowers your employees to reward one another spontaneously.

As your team posts Moments of recognition, such as celebrating a special occasion, you can reward someone there and then, directly from the Moment as it appears in your feed.

#1 for user experience

Available in 12 languages via desktop and mobile app. It’s so easy to use that your people will love it, wherever they are.

What our customers think

“Mo makes it easy to celebrate wins in a persistent way—not a fleeting line that quickly gets lost in Slack.”

Alec Nickalls
Alec Nickalls
L&D Manager, Castle HR

“Mo allows me to show gratitude to my colleagues in a place where others will also be able to see how helpful they have been. It’s an excellent incentive for people to work hard.”

Rachel Shirkie
Rachel Shirkie
Employee, OVO Energy

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in employee recognition across the organisation.”

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan
People Director, William Hill


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