It’s time for moments of positivityInsights

It’s time for moments of positivity

3 min read, by Lily Coleman

The world of work has certainly changed over the past few weeks. Organisations have had to adapt quickly, and they have come together to find solutions to the challenges they are facing, even though they are further apart than ever before.

Despite the many challenges and the feeling of unease that the current climate has brought upon us all, the same organisations, and communities at large, have found ways to support and inspire one another, and stay united. From the weekly applause for the NHS workers to the anonymous man who treated his local village to fish and chips, it seems that these small pockets of joy, recognition and thanks are distinguishing positive moments of these troubling times.

Our product is built to celebrate moments at work, and we have seen our customers coming together and celebrating their successes during this difficult time.

Here are a few of our favourite examples.

William Hill

William Hill is committed to supporting their employees and customers during this time.

With nearly 1/3rd of the business working remotely and with a temporary closure of all WH betting shops, managers and teams have pulled together to ensure they were prepared to maintain customer support. This included testing remote capabilities, participating in virtual training sessions and setting up temporary functions that may have once seemed implausible.

We were excited to see different managers sharing moments of success and positivity in our platform, praising the continued hard work and dedication of their teams and employees.

Interstate Hotels and Resorts

Interstate Hotels and Resorts is a leading, multinational hotel operator with properties in 20 countries. The pandemic has had a significant impact on their industry; many of Interstate’s hotels have temporarily closed and others have remained open to support key workers and individuals.

During this time of uncertainty and unease for the business and its employees, managers have been using the platform to celebrate the strength and courage of their employees and their ability to stay positive and work together to weather the storm.

We also saw moments that celebrated the continued hard work and positive attitudes of teams and employees, ‘thinking we, not me’, and their determination to provide outstanding hospitality despite the unprecedented uncertainty and personal impact.

Torbay Pharmaceuticals

Torbay Pharmaceuticals is a part of the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and is the largest NHS-owned contract manufacturer, serving markets all around the world.

Whilst many businesses and organisations have had to temporarily close their doors and reduce their outputs, TP have done quite the opposite. Being a manufacturer, they have doubled down on their efforts and have continued to meet the increasing demands of their industry.

To adjust to new safety measures, office staff have started working remotely and production workers have started to work in shifts. It was great to see TP employees sharing their new-normal with their colleagues on our platform and using our new image capture feature.

The team also came together to be ‘one TP’ and have used the platform to celebrate their efforts, maintaining a high standard of quality whilst also including much needed hand sanitiser in their production efforts.

We’ll be clapping for all the hard workers at Torbay Pharmaceuticals every week!

Despite these troubling times, it has been a privilege to see our customers and other organisations coming together to support their employees. Mo is the perfect place for teams to stay connected and sharing and celebrating positive moments is more important now than ever before.

If you would like to learn more about how Mo can support your organisation, let’s talk.