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A future where teams can thrive

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We look a little different today. It’s all part of our evolution as a business, hell bent on helping people to thrive in their journey through work. And as part of our evolution, we wanted to share with you what our vision is and why we believe that we’re well placed to help people, teams and businesses thrive.

The power shift

The labour market, working structures, technology, and remote working have fundamentally changed employee behaviours – impacting attitudes and ultimately the decisions that employees are making about what, how, and why work gets done.

The power has been shifting to the employee, this is not a new trend. Employees are taking greater control of work, taking more ownership of their identity at work and this is where we believe the future lies. The pace of the change has been amplified because of the impact of the pandemic – it’s been fast tracked, and visible before our very eyes.

The employee holds more and more of the power. And we’re seeing this impact everything across recruitment, engagement, retention and productivity in big ways…

We are back to pre-pandemic levels in the job market, have the highest number of vacancies on record, the demand for people is driving up salaries, hurting performance and team morale covering gaps in teams for longer than ever.

Employees have earned trust, they are demanding flexibility and they are happy to walk from their jobs with the confidence that a new opportunity is just around the corner. More and more people have great choice in their employment decisions, with top talent making a selection from multiple options at final stages.

There is an explosion of choice for workers.

For us, it means we have to double down on our bet: to help people, teams and businesses thrive, we have to start with the employee. The solution to tackling the challenges facing employee engagement also starts with truly understanding employees. Or just people, at work. We believe that the best solution is employee-centred. Not top down. Only by understanding the motivations and behaviours of people at work, can we create the best possible experience that enables and inspires everyone to go all in.

Work today, relies on teams

Collaboration is a fundamental part of work today. We work in teams. Teams that form, change and sometimes end on a regular basis. And our effectiveness is largely hinged on those collaborations. Modern businesses understand that for them to perform at their very best, the design, support and development of these team structures is of vital importance.

Collaboration tools have seen enormous investment. Transformation projects and the popularisation of agile working practices has sparked an explosion of tools and technologies like Zoom, Slack and Teams to improve productivity but these functional improvements forget one thing: human beings are tribal animals, driven by emotion and so little investment has been made in how people work better together when everything is changing. We believe the time is now to fix this.

For businesses to win, their teams must thrive.

Now is the time to connect

The need to feel a part of something and connected to your colleagues has never been greater!

Getting to know what truly matters to people is a real problem because who we are and what we’re all about is more than what our job title is, more than our job description, and more than our objectives at work. The need to be seen, be heard and feel valued is a fundamental part of being human.

Social connection is extremely powerful. We believe that people are far more likely to achieve great things, when they work well together. It should be in our own interest and in the interest of businesses to connect people. The more connected, the more opportunity.

The problem is only getting worse

We engage with others through Zoom, on Slack, and in tools and systems more and more. But these conversations are generally focused on productive work. You might have a one to one, or in a rare moment grab a coffee with someone.

The rise in hybrid and remote working means that these real world face to face interactions are becoming less and less. It’s really hard to get to know people without dedicating time to better understand one another.

Ultimately, this can lead to people giving up, feeling despondent because their need for being seen, heard and valued isn’t being met. People have had such a rough time of it, isolation, workload, juggling child care, sickness and loss. When combined with the feeling of being undervalued day to day, it’s no wonder we’re seeing vast waves of people leaving and looking for change and an era being coined The Great Resignation.

It’s time for leaders to step up

The pandemic was a major test for leaders, and one of the key challenges is visibility. Having visibility of the contribution of everyone in the team is hard. Knowing who needs help, who’s having a tough time, who’s not working well with others is really important, but also really hard. Likewise, knowing who is going the extra mile, bringing the team together, sharing their knowledge, and exceeding expectations is also very challenging. Especially as we have less face to face, things change daily and people are complex.

This lack of visibility can have an incredibly negative impact on people and their work. This endemic of employees feeling isolated, unrecognised and unvalued is killing motivation. But, where do leaders turn? What’s out there to help them?

The average team spends 15,000 hours working together each year. Most of us see more of our colleagues than we do our loved ones. These connections should be meaningful (or what’s the point?) and there should be depth and commitment to each other. It should provide an opportunity to get the most from life.

People should feel valued for their work, celebrated and empowered to be their best.

At Mo, we’re building a vibrant digital profile that showcases what matters to you in your work, what you’ve achieved and what it means to be you. Imagine the opportunities that would be available to you if people really knew the value that you add to the places that you work.

The opportunity to thrive

People aren’t always given the opportunities they need to thrive at work. They work in cross functional teams, more and more so remotely, and the access they have to being seen, heard and valued is limited. It’s really hard to navigate ever evolving teams and complex organisations so that their contribution provides them the opportunity to progress.

Do we give more opportunity to people that give more? And do we do it fairly?

Surely, we should.

How do we help people and teams thrive at work?

We’re helping people own their work story.

Mo gives everyone a place to build their identity and share what matters to them. It’s a safe place where people can express themselves and truly belong, capture their achievements and celebrate all the moments in their journey through work.

We’re helping people unlock a deeper understanding of their team.

People can get to know what’s really important to those that they work with. Understanding what makes others tick and how to work best with them is the key to creating meaningful working relationships needed to thrive.

We’re helping people celebrate the moments that matter, together.

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. It increases inclusion. And it helps to keep people connected. Most of all, it shows people that you care about them and that you appreciate them.

We’re helping leaders to empower their people to thrive.

A good leader recognises that they are responsible for helping their people achieve. They certainly can’t deliver without them. They can’t know everything, control everything, and be all things to all people. They too need to empower their people to be able to be their best. But more importantly, they have to bring people together – because good work is done by good teams. People don’t work in isolation and as good as they are individually, without the team, their contribution is nothing.

Mo helps leaders better understand their people.

It gives them, otherwise unattainable, access to information to help them create a stronger, more united and more productive team. It helps them understand what’s important to people, who is working well together and how they might better connect to someone.

By giving leaders better insight into their people, Mo helps them to nurture, influence, unite, and strengthen individuals. Better visibility of what’s important to an individual, what they’re proud of, what they care about, and what motivates them gives leaders the opportunity to empower them to succeed.

Do you want to enable your team thrive?

So, for those people that feel like you are doing a wonderful job, day in, day out, but nobody acknowledges your contribution. For the team expected to click in an instant to complete that urgent project. For the managers that take on a new team and cares about how their decisions impact the lives of their people, come and join us.

At Mo, we’re building a vibrant digital profile that showcases what matters to you in your work, what you’ve achieved and what it means to be you. Imagine the opportunities that would be available to you if people really knew you and the value that you add to the places that you work.

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