Personalisation and the Individual Experience of Work Insights

Personalisation and the Individual Experience of Work

2 min read, by Lily Coleman

We’ve partnered with Unleashed to bring you a short series of breakfast sessions, where we’ll discuss different topics including compassionate leadership and engaging remote teams. Don’t worry if you can’t attend – keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be releasing the sessions on our Moments podcast series.

Earlier this week Luke, Mo’s CEO, caught up with Ginni and Michaela, People and Culture Partners at Unleashed, to discuss the importance of personalisation and the individual experience of work.

They kicked off the session by defining what employee experience is. From Unleashed’s perspective, it is a well-connected and holistic journey that is based on empathy and an understanding of what employee’s need to do their best work.  

"Quick wins and quick pieces of action enable People teams to maintain momentum and they show that you are responding to people’s needs"

Unleashed also emphasised that employee experience isn’t a blanket, one size fits all policy or process - although more traditional approaches are well intentioned, they do not always serve individual needs. However, the difficulty is creating a process that serves employee needs without threatening collaboration or inclusivity, and to do this you must understand which needs index highest across the business and create processes that can be tested and iterated.

In order to do this and to increase personalisation at work, People people should think in terms of experience design – to maintain momentum and to make gradual improvements, they should collect data, understand their employee needs, test and reiterate until a goal has been met.

Will the 'new normal' impact employee experience?

One of our attendees asked what ‘the new normal’ means for businesses and how it could affect employee experience. Our panel identified that the main opportunity is to understand what has and has not worked for employee’s instead of jumping into a false solution. For example, continuous remote working may not suit employees even though businesses have seen that a physical office space isn't completely necessary for success or continuity. Luke suggested that now is the time to gather insights and to use these to inform strategies and processes that serve employees in the future.

Our next session with Unleashed will take place on the 30th of July at 8:30am. Luke will be joined by Ginni Lisk and Asha Singh from Unleashed and they'll be discussing compassionate leadership and it's different traits. We’d love if you could join us!