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Moments with Unleashed

2 min read, by Maks Khan

In this episode of Moments Luke is joined by Anouk, CEO and founder of Unleashed, along with Ginni who is their People and Culture Partner. With a designed thinking approach, Unleashed is on a mission to help early stage and scaling businesses with their growth, by creating meaningful people experiences to support culture and leadership teams. Here is a recent guest post from their Managing Director Hannah on creating kinder cultures. 

The discussion in this episode is preparing for a post-pandemic future of work, and how to create and maintain a strong team culture, while we’re in a state of remote working.

Now is NOT the time for transformation or revolution, it’s the time for evolution 

Anouk stresses that we should not be focussed on changing the way they work, instead we should be highlighting our strengths and best working practices in the office, and exploring ways to use digital tools to make this shift support remote working, rather than creating a new working culture. 

She also emphasised on company wide and peer-to-peer communication, and the importance of having “more” conversations in a shorter space of time, with a specific agenda in place. Which makes sense as Luke feels the virtual world has its limitations around organic discussions, and that virtual meetings can feel more like webinar, as people tend to default to Mute.

Ginni shared similar thoughts on creating strength around culture and connection, saying that we need to shorten our horizon of comms and deliver a more bitesize version by focusing on the core goals and priorities of each team, at the same time having more conversations, which is crucial when the ability to just turn around and ask a question environment has been impeded due to the pandemic. 

Luke’s conversation with Anouk and Ginni also looked at the importance of individual experiences, and that everyone is different from one another, therefore their needs to achieve their best work should be considered. 

Finally, the way we work is changing, and the pandemic has only made this change come sooner. Therefore, If you're in an office, being remote first and investing in the technology that makes that possible is crucial for the future of work. 

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