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Moments with Tom

2 min read, by Claire Barrance

This episode we share a moment with futurist Tom Goodwin to explore what COVID-19 all means for where we go now in terms of work.

Tom is the Global Head Futures and Insights for Publicis Groupe and also speaks at many events around the globe, has written a book and heads up his own podcast called "Interesting People in Interesting Times."

He speaks widely about how the world of work and tech is changing, behaviour and culture. We have been following his work for a while now and were really excited to have him on the podcast.

“This is quite likely the catalyst to speed to up changes that were already going to be made.”

The world of work in recent days, has been forced to make huge changes as we all have transitioned over to remote working with COVID-19. Luke and Tom discuss how these changes were likely to happen and the current situation has forced the issue.

"It would be amazing if Covid 19 could be the death of management and the birth of leadership."

Looking to the future Tom debates how different the world will or won't look after the pandemic, exploring the idea that we may settle back into old habits but some of the current trends will escalate over time.

Listen now to hear Tom's real insightful thoughts on this topic. It is available on Acast, I-tunes or Spotify and let us know any feedback on this episode, any other in our series or just with suggestions of speakers and topics that would be of interest.