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Moments with Chris

2 min read, by Claire Barrance

In the latest episode from our moments series, we speak to Chris, CEO and Co-Founder of ThriveMap, all about authentic talent assessment. He gave us his advice on reducing bias, improving consistency and overall providing a better candidate experience.

'9 in 10 Managers admit to making hiring mistakes'

Chris opened the discussion with his views on how to make the hiring process fair, consistent and cost-effective. ThriveMap recently conducted some of their own research and 91% of respondents surveyed admitted to making mistakes during the process, with over half blaming the fact they trusted their intuition.

There are often bias and inconsistencies that arise when hiring, Chris looks at the ways that the process can be changed and reviewed to help make objective decisions and not unpick all the hard work from HR teams.

'With COVID-19, the candidate market will require tools and process to come into place to keep things going efficiently'

This episode was recorded at the end of March, in the midst of the Corona virus. This brought up the conversation of how hiring is affected by this; the candidate market has dramatically increased and many jobs will change due to remote working.
Chris explained how this is a good opportunity to revisit job specifications, tools and processes and look for new skills - a bit of a reset.

'The best way to assess someone is to see how they work and operate in the job'

Chris talks through the value in carrying out assessments during the recruitment process and what the future of pre hire assessments could potentially look like and the role it plays in the future of work.

We conclude the podcast as usual, with some top tips to summarise how you could put some of the things covered in this chat into practice in your organisation.

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