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4 min read, by Claire Barrance

As we continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, it is important that we remain connected and motivated at work. Mo provides a great platform for everyone to share ideas with each other and allow creativity - no idea is a bad idea!

Here are some of our favourites that have been put forward by Mo staff during lockdown.

Power hour

I think many of us are guilty of being glued to our laptops and phones throughout the day when working remotely and not taking the time to have proper breaks for a reset. With this in mind, one idea was to introduce a guilt free power hour where everyone is actively encouraged to take a proper break away from their screen.

COVID and Chill Slack Channel

Our engineer Kevin suggested that we create a dedicated slack channel to share things we can watch (movies, tv shows, documentaries), play (board games) and do (reorganising, repurposing). Lockdown can get boring so it is great to be inspired by what others are doing.

Donation to local food bank

We had recently donated to Hackney Foodbank and one of our kind hearted employees suggested that we donate again. Foodbanks are being relied upon more than ever and its important to support your community.

"Now more than ever they'll be feeling the pressure - we're all very lucky to be able to work from home and provide for ourselves and not everyone is"

#good-feeds Lunch posts every Wednesday!

At Mo we have a fair few budding chefs and many food fans amongst us! We are all missing the amazing food options available in Shoreditch and even getting food envy at seeing what everyone else is eating during lunch. This was the inspiration for us posting our lockdown lunches to our #good-feeds Slack channel and nominating a winner for the most healthy or creative dish.

Shared music

Music brings us together and can lift moods in bad times.

We may not be able to fight over the office soundtrack anymore but the power of Spotify means we can still experience music collectively, but selectively! This suggestion was for people to share or broadcast their current playlist and others can opt in to listening too, but only if they like!

Run club

The gyms are closed and it can be hard to stay motivated exercising alone at home. Steve, our Head of Growth, shared the idea of creating a virtual fitness club where we can workout together. There would be a dedicated time (8-8.30am) where we will all log in via Google Hangouts and get going with our exercise of choice.

Happy hour

It is pretty isolating at the moment with no pub outings or dinners in/out with friends or Mo events :-(. As a big fan of social time, (and a glass of wine) I suggested we host a weekly happy hour where we can catch up, have a drink together and take it in turns to host a quiz, game or fun activity.

Coffee break discord

Something we were all missing from the office was the impromptu catch up chats you have in the kitchen or at the water cooler. This idea was to set up coffee break mini drop in meetings so staff have the option to have informal conversations. Not quite as good as face to face at the snack drawer, but a good compromise!

Sharing ideas is both a fun thing to do as an organisation but also on a practical level, really useful - the best way to improve the workplace is to hear from employees and they have some fantastic and creative thoughts to share. If you're looking to help your people feel more together, let's talk.