Hello, we're Mo.News

Hello, we're Mo.

6 min read, by Luke Fisher

Today is a special day for us.
Today we say goodbye to ThanksBox and hello, Mo.

Before I share more, you’re likely to be here, reading this, because you’re interested in our future, so I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you for being a part of our journey so far. To the people that have taken the time to tell someone they made a difference via the platform, to our customers for having belief in us to help create a better working environment for your people, to the investors that have backed us, to the people that have visited our site or replied to one of my emails, and finally, to our people, for fighting every day to make work better - you’re helping make a difference to the world of work and I thank you for all of your support, please keep it coming!

In 2014, a major problem with work wouldn’t stop whirling around in my head - I kept obsessing over why we spent so much more time, money and effort trying to create meaningful experiences for our customers, but put in just a fraction of the effort for our people.

Yet, one of the most used phrases I heard from CEOs was (and still is):

“Our people are our most important asset.”

So I felt things needed to change.

I’m a big believer in having a positive mindset and the positive affect this can have on others, so we started by enabling organisations to better celebrate success, recognise performance and appreciate others - but, above everything else, helping those ‘assets’ feel valued for the blood, sweat and tears they put in to their work. We’ve since helped organisations reach record levels of recognition, created tonnes of happy tears, won awards and had a significant impact on their levels of employee engagement.

2018 was a year of exceptional growth for us. Our organisation is unrecognisable from a year ago. Our revenue is up 100’s of percent, we’re now working with even more amazing brands, and we’ve added more people to our team than you can count on your fingers and toes!

We start 2019 in a great place, having just raised a multi-million pound investment round in December and lead with a new proposition, lots of product enhancements and a great new visual identity with Mo.

So, why change?

We’ve learnt a lot in the last couple of years since the launch of ThanksBox. Most consultants and presentation experts provide just 3 points to take away, but I’ve given you an extra one for free:

1. Our relationship with work is broken.

Does work have to be a mere means to an end for us? Enough to get by. To fund our various holidays or just to put food on the table? Work should be a mutually beneficial relationship, where both employer and employee get more. In the main, the relationship the world’s working population has with work is broken: 85% of the worlds global population is not engaged in their work - yet, we typically spend over 100,000 hours of our lives at work. How will we look back at that time when we're grey and old? Did we waste it, or did we seek more from work?

We believe work should be more meaningful, to create a more fulfilling life.

2. We deserve more.

Above I mentioned work as a relationship between an employee and an employer. Any great relationship seeks to inspire the best from the other party, think of your best friendships, partner or work colleagues. A good relationship is two-sided, no winner, no loser, but both equally vested in the success of each other, enabling you to be more, together. Achieving more is at the very foundation of our proposition for both our customers and our users.

We believe more for an employee, is about the opportunity to do or be involved in more meaningful work. If you are to get more from work, you are making a better career for yourself. You will progress more. You will get all of the other benefits that come at work: promotion, pay rise, great customer conversations and pride in your work.

As an employer, most investments in being a better workplace, employee engagement initiatives or building a great culture are motivated by either a moral investment, or (more likely) an attempt to improve profitability. Much of the industry has positioned the investment in purchase of technology like ours, to help boost employee retention - we understand this, but we also know that people are going to leave your company eventually and the time until they leave is reducing drastically. So we believe this is about achieving more from your 'most important assets’, more in terms of a greater level of motivation, leading to a higher level of output from your existing people - not keeping them against their will with an offer just above the interview they went for, but actively engaging them.

3. Modern work needs collaboration.

There are very few jobs left that enable you to do everything required to achieve, on your own (if you can name one, I’ll buy you a Mojito!). People around you, help you do your job better (and sometimes worse) than you could otherwise do on your own. We’ve realised from the thousands of messages sent on the ThanksBox platform, that when people are celebrating success - it’s never alone, when someone is recognising performance - someone else has done more than you expected of them or when someone is appreciating their colleague, it’s normally because someone else sacrificed for your gain.

Relationships are key to getting more done at work. In today's world of work, you have to work with people to get more done, achieve better results, and get ahead.

4. Moments define relationships.

Relationships are the result of a series of meaningful moments. Moments of shared social experience, the highs and lows, the ups and the downs, these define the relationships you have both at home and at work. These moments are those that you will remember at the end of a fruitful career, the things and the people that stand out. We believe there are a lack of positive moments in today's working world and we believe you can help create more meaningful moments with Mo.

So what’s next?

At Mo, we’re really busy building a technology platform to solve a very human problem, we’re creating features that create and enhance meaningful moments between colleagues, to help strengthen their relationship.

We're on a mission to create meaningful moments that strengthen every working relationship, to enable both people and businesses to get more from work.

Today marks a big moment for us, I'm excited to introduce you to Mo. Thank you for taking the time to read my words, I’d love to hear your thoughts on our insights, the new brand or any other aspect of the future of work - please do email me at luke@mo.work or connect with me on LinkedIn.