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Moments on learning and development

3 min read, by Claire Barrance

We’ve decided to shake things up! In our latest Moments podcast we explore the topic of Learning and Development with a panel of HR professionals. Luke is joined by Alice from Monzo Bank, Danny from GP Strategies, and Adam from D&D London where they explore best practices for L&D processes. 

Alice, Danny and Adam also share actionable insights on how L&D strategies can be modified to ensure employees develop and grow. They also cover the challenges they are facing during lockdown, and the measures they have put in place to overcome them.

Here’s some info on our panel:

Adam Harwood, Head of Learning and Development at D&D London

Adam is an experienced L&D professional, having worked at a variety of organisations including online fashion brand ASOS and FinTech challenger bank Revolut. He is currently the Head of Learning & Development at D&D London, a fine dining Hospitality group. Adam believes that digital has the potential to transform L&D.

Alice Collier-Niblett, Digital Learning specialist for Monzo Bank

Alice is a thoroughly modern L&D professional and leads with digital solutions. Previously at ASOS and now at Monzo, Alice is a member of an L&D team that is aspirational for many: data-driven, performance-focused and agile.

Danny Seals, Director of Experience And Design at GP Strategies

Danny is an Experience Design Architect and a leader in this field with roles at TalkTalk and GP Strategies. He is at the forefront of designing employee experiences that make a lasting difference.

“Treating inductions like a journey rather than a single event is a much better path to be on”. 

It was really interesting to hear the panel's thoughts on the role of Learning and Development, and what can be done to make it better.

Adam stresses that L&D shouldn’t always be training programmes or e-learning modules, instead that you should look at data of previous new-starters to move business metrics. He also emphasized that L&D teams need to assess business priorities and friction points within their organisations before making sudden changes. 

Alice also shared similar thoughts; being responsive to people data and understanding what your employee’s want to develop on is an essential part of L&D. She also provides insights on how L&D can help to build a fulfilling onboarding experience, and emphasizes on why data is your friend, and that it can be used to identify different business challenges.

Danny shared his thoughts on curiosity-driven self development and how Learning and Development teams must fulfill that curiosity. He also discusses the role of technology, and how it can help build stronger working relationships in the modern age. 

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