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Mo - Share the moments to be proud of

Share moments to be proud of

Mo is a platform to share what truly matters to you. A new and exciting way to celebrate the moments where you've achieved, the little wins, the learnings, and the fun times.

Highlight what's important and display it beautifully for others to experience so that they can get to know what you care about.

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Be seen, be heard, be valued

Mo gives everyone in your team a place to build their identity and share what matters to them. It's a safe place where colleagues are encouraged to openly share their support and recognise the achievements of others.

Showcase your professional experience, achievements, praise and more for everyone to see, boost visibility of your contribution and celebrate with people that shape your experience at work.

A rough design of what a Reward in the product, Mo looks like.Text reads: "Winner of FY2020 Leadership Award. Jessica Daws has demonstrated exceptional leadership this year again and again. Awarded £500 store credit"
Mo - Help others work best with you

Help others to work best with you

We all have different ways of working. And communicating with each other. Some make big decisions on the spot. Others take time to reflect. Share your working preference openly with your team so they know how to work best with you.

The things that make you, you

There's more to you than what you're working on and there's lots of things that people would love to know about you. Share the things that you're passionate about and help your team get to know you on another level.

Mo helps people get to know the real you with a dedicated space that you can make your own, share your interests and help people get to know the real you.

Mo - the things that make you you

Build your work story, one moment at a time


Create a vibrant profile, including a bio, headline, birthday and work anniversary, personal links, working preferences and interests.


Highlight specific things that you've been involved in that are meaningful to you. Give others viewing your profile the ability to experience these things in a beautiful way with Highlights.


Share the moments that you've been involved in and the moments that you're particularly proud of. The achievements, learnings, and small victories shared by you and others all demonstrate what you're about.

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