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Stay connected to the moments that matter with our award-winning employee communication software. We empower managers to improve engagement and belonging.

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Personalised activity feed

A personalised activity feed enabling people to share and interact with posts, team updates and celebrations.

Connect with what matters

People are informed about that matter to them, connected to the people they care about and engaged in the community, no matter where they are.

See the things you care about

Mo acts like a social network, showing you relevant social posts (Moments) from people you work with and follow.

Keep everyone updated on company news

Tag all staff, or specific people based on team or location to keep everyone in the loop.
I'm So Glad You're Here Boost

Inspire people to communicate

Connect disconnected teams

When team members don’t see each other face-to-face every day, important rituals and progress updates can slip through the cracks. Mo is your hub for these important moments. Use Boosts to set up regular prompts for your team to share what they’re working on, recent wins, or anything they need help with.

Build inclusion and belonging using Boosts

Set up a boost asking your team to share who’s done a great job this week and watch the appreciation roll in. As this becomes a habit each week, you’ll start to transform your culture from the bottom-up.
Moment Cs Praise

Boost visibility of good news stories

Use Moments to celebrate the small things. A Moment is a social post that you can share to celebrate an occasion, appreciate a colleague, or share results.

Highlight team and individual achievements, celebrate special occasions and express authentic appreciation. Ensure people feel seen and strengthen team bonds.

Moments Highlights

Get to know your colleagues

In-depth employee profiles

Everyone has a vibrant personal profile on Mo, where they can share working preferences, hobbies and interests, enabling colleagues to get to know each other and create a sense of belonging.

Pin special moments to your highlights reel

Pin your best Moments to your personal highlights reel, to treasure the best bits of work and use in performance reviews.
Moment All Company Notification

Contact every employee

Any device, any time

Mo can be used on any device at any time so you can reach your people wherever they are, even if they don’t have a work email address.

Find anyone in our people directory

Use our people directory and its search functionality to find anyone you want to recognise or reward.

#1 for user experience

Available in 12 languages via desktop and mobile app. It’s so easy to use that your people will love it, wherever they are.

What our customers say

“In just 12 months, our overall employee engagement has gone up 9%.”

Teri Ellison
Teri Ellison
Chief Human Resources Officer, SHL

“Being part of a large company, I definitely noticed a difference in our internal communication – we were able to build a bridge between our Central Office team and the larger Operational teams around the UK. Thanks to Mo, we can acknowledge employees, no matter where we are.”

Capterra Review

“Mo is breaking boundaries between departments and employees as it brings everyone together and rewards people for going above and beyond.”

Duncan Fung Square
Duncan Fung
Employee, Autolus

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