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25 Well-being Gifts for Employees That Show You Care

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Lynsey May Sutherland
Lynsey Sutherland

Need a little inspiration or help to pick the perfect well-being gifts for your employees? Discover twenty-five ideas for giving staff gifts that make a difference.

Show that you value your employees’ well-being by giving them gifts. A thoughtful present is a simple way to say “I value you”. Gifting can transform employee experience and drive feelings of belonging and satisfaction. 

There are plenty of benefits to giving gifts to your employees. They offer an opportunity to support employees’ physical and mental health.

Looking after your employees not only helps boost their well-being – it can be good for business too. There is a strong link between employee wellbeing and engagement. Deloitte found that for every £1 invested in staff mental health, they saw a return of £5.30. When you improve one, the other often follows. 

Choosing the Right Well-Being Gift is Tricky

Picking a thoughtful gift for your employees involves considering factors like your company culture. If your team works remotely, there’s no point in giving them a contribution towards a Christmas party. Likewise, if your company has a focus on the planet, you’ll want your gifts to reflect those values

You also need to think about how you’re pitching your well-being gift and what purpose you want it to achieve. A greater ability for staff working remotely to have fun with their team? A gesture of support when you know an employee is having a tough time? This can help guide your choices. 

25 Great wellbeing gift ideas for your employees:

Well-being Gifts for Physical Health

  • Fitness trackers to help them keep on top of their goals
  • Access to fitness apps or even a Fitbit
  • Gym memberships or passes to activities
  • Healthy snacks and tasty treats 
  • Fruit or veg subscriptions
  • A nice reusable stainless steel water bottle
  • Health screenings free of charge
  • Private health insurance
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Wellbeing Gifts for Mental Health

  • Access to a meditation app
  • Books or gift cards for books on mindfulness (reading is good for your mental health, whether it’s self-help or not). 
  • A journal or scrapbook and some time off to get it started 
  • Gift card for a spa day or massage
  • Desk plants for a little burst of greenery 
  • Create your own relaxation kits with items like candles, herbal teas, a mindfulness or meditation book, and self-care treats.
  • Access to anonymous, company-provided workplace counselling services like Spill

Wellbeing Gifts for Work-life Balance

  • Give your employees an allowance to take mental health days
  • Offer extra holiday days, either one-off or ongoing
  • A sabbatical after a certain number of years of service
  • Restaurant or cinema gift cards for them to enjoy at their leisure

Wellbeing Gifts for Socialising 

  • Organise team-building activities in person or online
  • Host a virtual happy hour and send everyone a treat or voucher beforehand
  • Book a staff outing to the theatre or to see a movie

Wellbeing Gifts on a Budget 

  • A handwritten note listing some of the things about the employee that will make them special 
  • Extra breaks or permission to take time out to visit a local café
  • Create a company wellness program
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Where to Buy Well-Being Gifts in the UK

We’ve picked out a few great UK suppliers who offer fun, functional and beautiful well-being gifts. 

  • Huggg offers affordable gifts starting at £1, making it simple to find options within your budget.  
  • Wellboxes offers gift sets filled with self-care items, making it simple to prioritise yourself and find time for relaxation.  
  • Brown Paper Packages – designed to make a positive impact on the recipient. 
  • Smile Box – with postcards and brochures signposting mental health resources, Smile Box have some practical help alongside treats. 
  • BearHugs Gifts – all these care packages come with a bear hug, to show the recipient that you recognise them.  
  • Out of the Box Gifts – discover a gift box packed with high-quality products chosen for their well-being-related benefits.

How to Support Staff Well-being All Year

Wellbeing gifts bring happiness, but it’s important to consistently work towards a healthy work environment all year. Support your team daily by promoting work-life balance, training compassionate managers, and providing support. 

Ensure you have a well-being strategy that looks at both the mental and physical health of your employees. To make sure your efforts are working, be sure to check in with regular surveys or conversations with your staff. 

An employee recognition program can boost employee health, happiness, and engagement by offering rewards related to well-being. Mo is a platform that helps managers easily recognise, engage, and connect with their teams for rewards and recognition. You can use it to plan a proper celebration with all the stops pulled out. 

We equip managers with weekly suggestions to energise and connect with their employees. We help teams feel productive and motivated through employee rewards.

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