Webinar: Why Employees Leave with TikTok Star Kate Waterfall Hill

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Luke Fisher

Luke Fisher

Kate Hill

Kate Waterfall Hill

Leadership Coach & TikToker

Why Employees Leave with TikTok Star Kate Waterfall Hill

Join us alongside TikTok-famous leadership coach, Kate Waterfall Hill (@katewaterfallhill on TikTok), as we discuss the reasons why employees leave businesses. The truth may be different from what you think!

Drawing upon research from McKinsey, you’ll learn how not to lead a team, and exactly why employees leave managers.

Kate has built a following of 82,000 followers on TikTok, and her videos (like this one) regularly receive over a million views. Kate works with clients who are seeking to elevate performance, achieve growth and enhance engagement through coaching a range of people, from CEO’s to newly promoted managers.

Key learnings:

💜 How to ensure your employees feel valued by the organisation
💌 How to help your managers show appreciation to their staff
⭐️ How to build a sense of belonging within your organisation

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