Webinar: Unlocking the Power of the Mind with Rishita Jones

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Rishita Jones

Rishita Jones

Transformation, Communication and Change Consultant
Luke Fisher

Luke Fisher


We spoke with celebrated Transformational Coach, Author and Speaker, Rishita Jones. In this session, Rishita will delve into the fascinating world of workplace psychology and unveil the secrets to successfully implementing and sustaining organisational change.

Change is not just about strategies and plans; it’s fundamentally about people. To drive effective change, leaders must understand the psychological principles that shape human behaviour.

Rishita will guide you through an exploration of these principles, providing invaluable insights to facilitate successful change within your organisation and help you steer clear of the staggering 70% failure rate of organisational transformation.

You’ll learn practical advice about:

:test_tube: The science of habit formation and how to change habits
:brain: The 5 rules of the mind and how they relate to change
:rocket: Self determination theory and how it contributes to the change process
:star:️ How these principles align with the ADKAR change management model

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