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24 Ways to Say Thank You to a Colleague

Lynsey May Sutherland
Lynsey Sutherland
February 21, 2023
5 min read

We all know how good it feels to be thanked, especially when those thanks sound sincere. We also know how hard it can be to put together those heartfelt messages – especially during busy periods or when a few different occasions come up in a row. 

That’s why we’ve put together a selection of nice ways to show your colleagues just how much you care.

Why put aside time to thank your colleagues? 

Your calendar is packed, your inbox needs some TLC, and you just want to get this report finished… sound familiar? Sometimes the to-do list is so long that taking a moment to say thank you sounds like more effort than it’s worth, but we can guarantee it isn’t. Showing your colleagues you appreciate them means they’re more likely to stay your colleagues. 

A good culture of recognition greatly affects your retention levels, and HuffPost reports that showing gratitude helps stop employees from eyeing other posts. 

There have also been studies into gratitude that show a strong link between feeling thankful and overall well-being – so feeling grateful and thanking your colleagues is good for you, too. 

Ways to thank your colleagues when something good happens

Whether it’s a promotion, a big win for the organisation or the successful completion of a training course, it’s nice to say thank you when things go right. Engaging with your colleagues and employees is the best way to celebrate wins!

  • I don’t know if we could’ve done it without you – your team spirit and positive attitude helped us achieve great things. 
  • You are an inspiration – thank you for always being transparent about what you do and how hard you work. It makes it easier to shoot for the stars!
  • It’s been a pleasure working on this with you, and it’s easy to see that your commitment and skill have helped us get where we are today. 
  • Your positive energy and enthusiasm have been a driving force for us as an organisation – thank you for making it easy for us to thrive. 
  • You’re a quiet but hugely valuable member of the team, don’t think we can’t see all the good you do for us on a day-to-day basis, as well as when things go right. 
  • I see you as much more than someone I simply work with. You’ve become a true, trusted friend and someone I hope to always know.

Ways to thank your team when things have gone wrong

A helping hand or kind word can mean twice as much when things have been tough, and Gallup reports that workers are significantly more stressed than usual right now. Extend your thanks to the colleagues who care. 

  • Your calm and professional attitude can help to take the sting out of a tricky situation. Thank you for staying in control when times get stressful. 
  • It means a lot to me that even though things didn’t go quite as planned at our last project meeting/launch, you were there to help keep us on track.  
  • It’s amazing how you know just when to pitch in and always have something positive to say – it’s a real skill, and we’re very lucky to have you.  
  • Your thoughtfulness can help lift the spirits, especially when things are tough. Thanks for reminding us that failures are new opportunities for change. 
  • This whole situation would’ve been much trickier without your insight and encouragement. We appreciate your ability to see the bigger picture. 
  • I know I made a mistake and that it made things more difficult for us. I’m so grateful for the way you helped me handle it. 

Ways to say thank you when someone’s helped you out 

When a colleague does you a favour, like lending their expertise, supporting your professional development, or taking the time to chat you through an issue, it’s always nice to share your appreciation.

  • You are so supportive and generous that it’s a pleasure to work with you – thank you so much for making every day a little brighter. 
  • Cooperation and collaboration are significant parts of success, and it’s always great fun working with you. I’m very grateful for all of your help. 
  • Thank you for sharing your expertise with me, it has been a great learning experience, and I know I’ll use these lessons in the future. 
  • You are such a consistent and dependable source of knowledge. I know I’m not the only person who feels comfortable turning to you for advice. 
  • With such a great eye for detail and a caring attitude, it’s little wonder that you’re someone we rely on when we need a helping hand. 
  • You help me improve my skills every single day. Knowing that you’ve got my back inspires me to do better whenever I can. 

How to thank your colleagues after a special occasion 

When life’s big occasions roll around, your colleagues might pitch in to send you a gift or their well wishes – here are a few ways to thank them. 

  • That was such a thoughtful gift. I just know it will become one of my new favourite things!
  • Knowing that I work with such a lovely group of people and that they are rooting for me always adds an extra sparkle to a special occasion.  
  • The occasion was made even more special by having your good wishes. Thank you for sharing them with me. 
  • Your gift put a big smile on my face. It is incredible to feel so well understood, especially by my colleagues. 
  • You are such a generous bunch of people – you’ve made this an extra special birthday.
  • I feel so lucky to work with people who know me so well and are so generous with gifts and their time. 

Great ways to share your thanks and appreciation

Whether you’re popping your thanks in an email, writing a card or reading them out, we’re sure they will be well received. 

At Mo, we know the value of showing gratitude and appreciation regularly. That’s why our recognition platform makes celebrating Moments that matter easy.

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