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Employee Recognition Software Case Study with Quark: How Quark Uses Recognition to Foster Connection

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April 26, 2023
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Quark offers content automation, intelligence and design software, with a global team of 200+ people, most of whom are based in India. We’re excited to announce that Quark has begun using Mo to build a connected culture and improve the consistency of recognition across the company, both between managers and employees and between peers. We dive deeper into this as part of our Employee Recognition Software Case Study with Quark.

Quark is continuously improving its company culture, connection and sense of community, an initiative which the company is dubbing ‘OneQuark’ and is always exploring new ways to embed its company values in the day-to-day. This is possible within Mo, where each social post (or Moment) can be tied back to company values. In addition, the company is pursuing a Great Place to Work certification, which Mo will be a big part of. 

Mo will serve as Quark’s one-point communication platform, building a sense of community that allows employees to connect on things both work and non-work-related, such as hobbies, interests, employee recognition software and incentives, all in one place. This will help employees feel more confident, empowered, and included. 

Mike Hale, EVP of Operations at Quark, explains: “We didn’t have a way of recognising people beforehand. […] Mo is enabling us to become a more friendly environment. People are talking about different things than just coding and Mo has done that for us.” 

Quark will be taking advantage of tools within Mo to build connection and engagement, using Boosts such as ‘weekly wins’ to drive better communication, the Assistant to empower people managers to be better leaders and rewards to improve engagement and morale.

“From the outset, the support we received in preparing our company for Mo and learning its intricacies has been outstanding. The team at Mo has provided us with invaluable resources, including informative meetings, helpful email communications, and comprehensive online guides to help us get started,” described Hedieh Kazemzadeh, Partner Marketing Executive at Quark.

Romilly Shakespeare, HR Generalist, described the instant impact of Mo:

“With Mo, we’ve already seen a significant positive impact on our collaboration between offices in different regions, and it has allowed us to recognize each other’s hard work in a more meaningful way. We look forward to the next phase of our journey on Mo, introducing peer-to-peer rewards to highlight achievements and foster stronger relationships between employees.” 

The end business results of using Mo will be centred around delivering brilliant customer service and improved internal and external NPS scores.

Thanks for taking the time to read our Employee Recognition Software Case Study with Quark: How Quark Uses Recognition to Foster Connection.

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