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June 21, 2023
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We are excited to announce that Mo has released a new iteration of its integration with Microsoft Teams, one of the most widely used communication and collaboration platforms in the world. This updated integration will allow users to access Mo’s employee recognition software without leaving the Teams environment.

Mo is a platform that helps leaders improve collaboration and morale, reduce employee churn, and drive change. 

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This integration will mean that Mo users will be able to use Mo without leaving the flow of work. This means that they can share recognition, appreciation, and build high-performing habits right from within Teams. It will now be even easier for teams to build recognition-rich cultures and for leaders to role model positive behaviours. 

The integration includes our ‘Boosts’ feature, which helps leaders shape new habits for their team. You might want to nudge your team to respond to prompts such as ‘weekly wins’ or ‘who’s on fire this week’.

Boost 2

It’s easy to forget to stop and acknowledge the little things that make a difference to your people. That’s why we’ll notify you when someone in your network has a birthday, a work anniversary, or a first day coming up.

We offer smart reminders to ensure everyone feels valued – Mo will send you reminders to share a moment of appreciation with colleagues you haven’t connected with in a while. 

You’ll also be notified when you’ve been tagged in a moment, and you can respond directly in teams – either with a comment or an emoji reaction. 

Mo offers additional functionality outside of Teams including a large rewards store, a leadership assistant, employee profiles with the option to pin moments you’re most proud of, and detailed reporting.

With this integration, we believe that teams can build a culture of recognition and appreciation, leading to higher employee morale and increased productivity.

To find out more, visit our app on the Microsoft Teams store.

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Mo is an employee recognition and engagement platform that can help leaders improve collaboration and morale, reduce employee churn and drive change. 

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