Best UK HR conferences 2024

The Top UK HR Conferences in 2024

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Harriet Stevenson
Harriet Stevenson

The best HR conferences in the UK offer a chance to network with fellow people professionals in different industries. There are dozens held across the country all year round – but which ones should you attend?

After reading this article, reach out to contacts in your circle to see which conferences they are attending this year. With many of us working remotely, the opportunity to connect with industry professionals in person is even more valuable.

Keeping up with industry trends. Networking with partners. Discovering new software. Regardless of your motive, a conference will get you out of your home or office. Who can resist the lure of the complimentary sandwiches? Make sure you bring a suitcase for all those free branded tote bags.

Why should you attend an HR conference?

HR conferences offer a wide range of benefits for HR professionals and those interested in the field. Here are several reasons why you might consider attending an HR conference:

1. Professional development

HR conferences feature a wide range of sessions on various HR topics, from emerging trends to best practices. These sessions can help you stay updated on the latest industry developments and enhance your knowledge and skills.

2. Networking opportunities

Conferences provide the opportunity to network with peers, potential mentors, and industry experts. You can exchange ideas, build relationships, and learn about new job opportunities.

3. Access to tools and resources

Many HR conferences have vendor exhibitions where companies showcase their HR-related products and services. You can explore new technologies, software, and tools designed to streamline HR processes and enhance efficiency.

4. Certification and continuing education credits

Some HR conferences offer opportunities to earn professional certifications or continuing education credits. These certifications can enhance your credibility and career prospects within the HR field.

5. Personal growth

HR conferences also include sessions on personal development topics such as leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance. These sessions can help you improve your overall well-being and effectiveness as an HR professional.

6. Peer support and problem-solving

HR professionals often face unique challenges and dilemmas in their roles. Conferences provide a forum to discuss these challenges with peers, seek advice, and find potential solutions.

7. Having fun

Conferences can be enjoyable experiences, with social events, entertainment, and opportunities to relax and unwind. Taking a break from the daily routine can be refreshing and contribute to your overall well-being.

If you’re looking to advance your HR career, expand your knowledge and skills, and network with other professionals in the field, attending an HR conference is a great investment.

Top HR conferences in the UK in 2024




1. HR Strategy Forum – 28, 29 February & 1 March 2024, Gloucestershire

The HR Strategy Forum is a three-day event in March that helps senior HR leaders develop new strategies and approaches to HR.


2. HR Vision – 5-6 March 2024, Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, London 

HR Vision in London on March 5-6 2024 is a two-day event that brings together HR professionals from around the world to discuss the latest trends and best practices in HR. The event features a variety of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on a wide range of HR topics, including the future of work, HR technology, leadership, talent development, culture and employee experience, diversity and inclusion, and future talent management strategies

3. Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference – 12-13 March 2024, NEC Birmingham 

The Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference is a one-day event that helps employers and employees create healthier and happier workplaces.

4. Engaging Employees Conference, 20 March 2024, London

A one-day, industry-led conference and networking rvent in Central London. Attendees will get insights from industry leaders on how to create a more engaged and productive workforce. You’ll learn about trends and best practices in employee engagement, and be able to meet with suppliers who can help you do just that.


5. HR Technologies Conference, 17-18 April 2024, ExCel London 

The HR Technologies UK conference is a two-day event where HR professionals will learn about the latest HR technologies and how to use them to improve their practices. The event features a variety of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on a wide range of HR technology topics.


6. Employee Engagement Summit, 1st May 2024, The Brewery, London 

The Employee Engagement Summit is a one-day event where HR professionals can learn from experts about how to put the employee at the heart of the organisation and create a more engaged workforce.

7. HR Connect, 19-21 May 2024, Twickenham Stadium, London 

CONNECT HR UK Spring is a peer-led leadership-focused event for senior-level HR professionals to discover strategies from field experts, research new solutions, and meet like-minded peers on their path to professional growth. Attendees will learn about the latest trends and best practices in HR, network with other leaders in the field, and find solutions to their most pressing challenges.


8. CIPD Festival of Work, 12-13 June 2024, ExCel London

The CIPD Festival of Work is the UK’s largest HR event. It features keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and an expo hall with over 200 exhibitors. Over two days, professionals from HR, L&D, internal communications and more will learn about the latest trends and best practices in the workplace. Attendees will hear from inspiring speakers, network with other professionals, and discover new solutions to their workplace challenges.

9. Richmond Human Resources Forum, 25-26 June 2024, The Grove, Hertfordshire 

The Richmond Human Resources Forum is a two-day event that takes place at The Grove in Hertfordshire. It will include a CPD-accredited conference schedule of keynotes, interactive workshops, think tanks and personal development sessions. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry peers in a relaxed informal setting.






10. HR Analytics Summit, 4 September 2024, London

The HR Analytics Summit will take place in London in September. Attendees will learn from experts and peers on how to use data to drive better HR decisions. You will also learn about the latest trends and best practices in HR analytics. 

11. Gartner Reimagine HR Conference, 17-18 September 2024, London: 

The Gartner ReimagineHR Conference 2024 is a two-day event for HR professionals to learn about the latest trends and best practices in HR. The event will feature Gartner experts and industry thought leaders, and attendees will be able to participate in interactive sessions and get personalised advice from Gartner analysts.

12. HR Summit, 26 September 2024, Hilton London Canary Wharf, London

The HR Summit is a one-day event that brings together HR professionals from all levels and industries to learn about the latest trends and best practices in HR, network with their peers, and find solutions to their most pressing challenges. Attendees can expect to hear from inspiring speakers, attend breakout sessions on a variety of HR topics, and participate in networking events. It also features an expo hall with over 100 exhibitors.


13. Employee Benefits Live, 8-9 October 2024, ExCel, London 

Employee Benefits Live is an event for company directors, senior managers, HR, reward and benefits professionals to address the challenges facing HR, people, and reward teams. You’ll also be able to browse and meet with suppliers in the HR industry. 

14. CIPD People Analytics Conference, 11-12 October 2024, Montcalm Marble Arch, London

Attendees of the CIPD’s People Analytics Conference will learn about the power of people analytics to create a more data-driven and strategic HR function. There will be opportunities to network with other HR professionals and learn from experts on how to implement people analytics in your organisation. 


15. CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, 6-7 November 2024, Manchester

Based in Manchester, the CIPD will hold its two-day annual conference and exhibition in early November. Attendees will have the chance to meet with exhibitors to help them solve their people challenges.

16. Future of Work Europe, 13-14 November 2024, London

The Future of Work Europe Event explores the latest trends and strategies for shaping the workplace of tomorrow, with a focus on frontline workers, workplace transformation, HR technology, culture, employee engagement, and more. 

17. CIPD Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference, 29-30 November, Montcalm Marble Arch, London 

This two-day event will cover all things related to creating an inclusive and thriving work environment. Diversity and inclusion have never been more important – this event will guide you through the latest information and allow you to connect with other professionals working in this important space.


18. CIPD Talent Management and Workforce Planning, 6-7 December 2024, London 

Offering both in-person and online tickets, the CIPD Talent Management and Workforce Planning conference will help attendees future-proof their workforce with insights into the latest trends and best practices, as well as case studies from leading companies.

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HR Conferences: Key Takeaways

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