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Unlock a deeper understanding of your team

Get to know what’s really important to those that you work with. Understanding what makes them tick and how you can work best with them is key to creating the meaningful working relationships that you need to thrive.

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Mo - Search for your colleagues

Discover colleagues

Discover more about those that you’re working with. Search for any colleague, start to get to know them, see what they're working on, how they like to work, and what really matters to them.

  • Joining the company
  • Part of a new project team
  • Working with someone for the first time
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New ways to connect daily

We elevate the moments that are important to every individual in your team by capturing it and sharing it with others.

These provide endless opportunities for people to learn what's important to their colleagues and spark new connections between them.

As where and how we work continues to evolve, Mo provides an important lifeline in helping people to build connection.

Mo - Unlock a deeper understanding of your team
Mo - Help others work best with you

Learn how others work

We all have different ways of working and communicating with each other.

Some make big decisions on the spot. Others take time to reflect. Understand how colleagues like to work, so you can be considerate to how you can work best together.

Get to know your team,
one moment at a time


Use Mo to search for any colleague that you work with, get to know them and discover meaningful opportunities to connect with them.


Understand what’s truly meaningful to others by exploring their profile. See what’s important to them and learn about their contribution, achievements, victories and progress.


Learn more and more about your team every day. Stay up to date with the moments that others have been involved in and the things they’re particularly proud of.

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