The ultimate toolkit for disruptive leaders

Today’s leaders make or break culture. That’s why you need a toolkit for driving peak performance and accountability, while boosting wellbeing and autonomy.

Spread joy, appreciation and connection, all while learning the routines of the world’s greatest teams.

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Old school leadership isn’t working

Dilbert cartoons and ‘The Office’ are popular for a reason. They capture the cringe of work; the outdated behaviours that erode performance.

Free fruit and gym passes aren’t going to cut it. You need to transform your team’s experience of work – so they feel valued, feel a sense of belonging and are buzzing to be part of a winning team that’s living the company values and purpose.

Toolkit Leaders

A toolkit for disruptive leaders

Mo empowers leaders to boost team morale, unleash greatness and form strong bonds – even if (especially if) you’re working remotely.

Teams that use Mo share heartfelt appreciation and overcome “don’t have time” by starting small and developing new habits.

Mo is your toolkit for transforming everyday behaviours – from greater transparency and trust to results focus and accountability.

Bye bye Dilbert-esque leadership and isolation, hello superhuman teamwork.

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Hero Moments

What’s a Moment?

Mo is short for Moments.

Mo is short for Moments. A Moment is a social post that you can share privately, with specific people, or the whole company – to celebrate an occasion, recognise a colleague or share results. You can pin special moments to a work highlights reel on your profile.

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What’s a Boost?

Use boosts to automate ‘prompts’ that encourage you and others to share moments.

We all know we should take the time to celebrate wins, share highs and lows, stop and reflect and appreciate one another, but unless we form new habits, it often doesn’t happen. Boosts help change behaviours to ensure you and others share and celebrate moments that matter, building these high-performance habits and routines.

Hero Rewards

Rewards, recognition and nominations

Reward your employees and nominate them for awards

Automate P2P employee rewards, recognition and nomination programs, eliminating manual admin. Get creative by looking beyond traditional vouchers and employee of the month schemes, to drive change and supercharge motivation in the new world of work.

What our customers say

“Mo makes it easy to celebrate wins in a persistent way—not a fleeting line that quickly gets lost in Slack”

Alec Nickalls
Alec Nickalls
Learning and Development Manager

“Mo is intuitive, fun to use and serves as an internal social media tool as well which helps remote working. Big up to Net Natives for choosing Mo”

Kam Abbas
Kam Abbas

“Mo makes work fun, engaging and a key part of mental health and engagement”

Hazel Hogben
Hazel Hogben
Senior VP of Human Resources


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