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Celebrate the moments that matter

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. It increases inclusion and helps to keep people connected. Most of all, it shows people that you care about them and appreciate them.

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Celebrate in the moment

When you’re focused on the peak of the mountain, it’s easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come.

The art of celebrating the small wins isn’t about setting smaller goals — it’s about being grateful in the midst of uncertainty.

Mo offers a destination to share the moments that matter; the highs and the lows; the victories and the learnings.

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Never miss a beat

We'll remind you of key occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries, so you can celebrate together even if you're apart.

We'll help by reminding you of the moments that matter to the people around you.

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Mo - Celebrate the moments that matter

Moments to reflect

The best way to ensure that you celebrate at every opportunity you get is to plan it into your calendar.

Mo provides a dedicated way for people to share how much they value the people they work with every day, through structured and periodic feedback campaigns and awards nominations.

Elevate with reward

Create a simple framework for rewarding colleagues while controlling costs and offering broad choice to ensure people can pick something meaningful to them.

  • Issue rewards
  • Set budgets
  • Empower people to give rewards
Mo - Be seen, be heard, be valued

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