The new world of work demands a movement, not a mandate

As HR leaders face rising challenges around hybrid working and the great resignation, you need an employee engagement toolkit that’s fit for the new world of work.

Mo’s software keeps your people engaged and connected, boosting performance and wellbeing, bottom-up.

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The old world of work isn’t working

The pact between employer and employee is being rewritten. People want more from work than a pay-cheque: they crave meaning, purpose, autonomy and connection. They’re choosing life and voting with their feet.

So how do we build an inclusive, high performance culture that satisfies our innate human needs, amidst the whirlwind of rising workloads?

It’s time to think beyond outdated rewards, incentives, perks and team-building initiatives that fail to deliver results. It’s time to unleash a new toolkit for boosting performance and purpose in our hybrid working world.

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A toolkit for disruptive HR leaders

Mo empowers HR leaders to create the culture you need to deliver your strategy.

It’s time to shift beyond values pasted on the wall that conflict with reality; and instead focus on shifting the behaviours of each and every one of your managers and leaders to create stand out moments in the everyday experience of your people at work.

In Mo you can automate rewards and recognition, but in a modern, authentic and meaningful way.

It all starts with a Moment…

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Hero Moments

What’s a Moment?

Mo is short for Moments.

Mo is short for Moments. A Moment is a social post that you can share privately, with specific people, or the whole company – to celebrate an occasion, recognise a colleague or share results. You can pin special moments to a work highlights reel on your profile.

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What’s a Boost?

Use boosts to automate ‘prompts’ that encourage you and others to share moments.

We all know we should take the time to celebrate wins, share highs and lows, stop and reflect and appreciate one another, but unless we form new habits, it often doesn’t happen. Boosts help change behaviours to ensure you and others share and celebrate moments that matter, building these high-performance habits and routines.

Hero Rewards

Rewards, recognition and nominations

Reward your employees and nominate them for awards

Automate P2P employee rewards, recognition and nomination programs, eliminating manual admin. Get creative by looking beyond traditional vouchers and employee of the month schemes, to drive change and supercharge motivation in the new world of work.

What our customers say

“Mo makes work fun, engaging and a key part of mental health and engagement.”

Hazel Hogben
Hazel Hogben
Senior VP of Human Resources, Interstate Hotels

“Mo has dramatically impacted our culture for the better. We can see churn reducing substantially and the positive sentiment can be felt in the offices around the world.”

Teri Ellison
Teri Ellison
Chief Human Resources Officer, SHL

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in employee recognition across the organisation.”

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan
People Director, William Hill


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