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Together, with our customers

February 1, 2019

One of our core values at Mo is “Togetherness”. We apply this value to everything that we do, and that includes how we work with our customers. We are in this together with our clients. And that means that we need to know what they think and where we can be better.

We asked them how we’re doing. For honest, unfiltered feedback on the service that they receive. So, what did we find out….?

How do we listen?

We ran a selection of in-depth customer interviews in December shortly before we rebranded to Mo in February. We weren’t just looking to know whether our customers would recommend us, we were keen to hear what our customers had to say about how we were doing as a team, what they felt about the product and to learn what we could be doing more of to help them be successful.

The good news is, we’re doing a pretty good job so far!

70% of customers say they were happy with the Mo product. We saw this as a massive win, and there were some extremely positive responses! We’re intensely proud of our product and the product team has been working tirelessly since February releasing new features, to make the app even more social, to facilitate the success we are seeing within regular nominations and to surface better insight on individual reward spending.

Finally, another area that our customers were happy with was the account management we provide. 73% say they were happy. We pride ourselves in being a knowledgeable team, offering alternative solutions where needed to help our customers achieve their goals and staying in touch as regularly as possible.

We also saw how impressed our customers were with the level of expertise and effort we provide throughout the implementation of new schemes, helping them understand their organisation and the best practice we’ve seen from other customers, before applying it to their particular circumstances.

What did we do with the results?

Listening to our customers is important, so that we can learn what we’re missing. We’re always hungry for feedback and have found that more often than not, these moments of reflection provide the best inspiration for improvement!

One area that was brought to our attention was the thought leadership we offer to our customers. Although we have received positive feedback on our expertise through implementations, we hadn’t achieved our vision of providing insight across the whole industry… so we’ve decided to pool our resources across Mo and put together our first ever customer newsletter. These regular insights from articles, podcasts with well known speakers and leaders in the space and our own insights from our different customers can offer interesting and insightful information that help us all grow.

Another common theme we identified involved the future of Mo. Lots of our customers loved our rebrand and how we framed our vision and mission as an organisation, but the feedback made us feel like we could do more. We’re working on being more readily open with what our long term future looks like, getting feedback on what we’re building more regularly and being far more open with actions we take from what our customers tell us. We hope to see the impact of this change throughout our interactions with customers and also through regular, specific updates in our newsletter.

Last but definitely not least, we saw that more of our customers wanted a greater level of reporting and insight in to how Mo was performing for them. Not only that, they wanted it regularly. This was the clearest and easiest piece of feedback to respond too and we made a commitment to get our regular monthly reporting out to every customer in the first week of every month. Not only that, we plan on releasing some exciting new customer data tools, giving our customers the opportunity to pull data when they need it as well as receiving it from Mo.

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