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November 1, 2020
"We are delighted to complete a further funding round with investors who share our vision. It provides a really meaningful opportunity to capitalise on the growth opportunities emerging as the world of work continues to see accelerated change."

Startups are the visionaries, the believers in a better way, hell bent on changing the world. But, it's tough out there for startups right now. It's certainly been a challenging year for us all, but remaining positive, keeping the energy high and making sure you celebrate the moments that will define our experience through the pandemic is critical.

So, I'm pleased to share and celebrate with you a huge moment for us - we are extremely humbled to have been given the opportunity to double down on our mission to help people have a more meaningful relationship with work. We are delighted to be joined on our journey by Calculus Capital who have led a £3.0m new investment round along with the continued support of Mercia Fund Management, which first invested in Mo in 2018. More about that here.

The world of work is changing before our very eyes and we believe that we have never been better positioned to support businesses that care about their people. To make a big difference to both people in their day to day at work and a big difference to the organisations that put people at the heart of their business strategy at times of crisis (and through every new normal that we pass through in these crazy times).

Every day, people are facing their own challenges and we think that the key to supporting us all, both now and into the future, is by coming together. We unite people. We bring them closer together. We make them stronger, together. And we do this by capturing, celebrating and elevating every single moment.

These moments define the cultures that we create. We need to build them and nurture them. Because they are so important. These moments help us to stay connected and belong.

We will get through this, and we will be more, together.

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