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Introducing: Occasions

October 8, 2021

Celebration has a powerful impact on team morale and collaboration. It increases inclusion and helps to keep people connected. Most of all, it shows people that you care about them and appreciate them.

We've just added the option to include your people's key occasions in Mo, specifically: work anniversaries and birthdays. We've made them harder to miss, and easier for you to celebrate with your colleagues in a meaningful way.

We'll remind you of key occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries, so you can celebrate together even if you're apart. We'll help by reminding you of the moments that matter to the people around you, with highly relevant updates for the teams you want to stay in touch with.

Never miss a beat

We'll proudly display the current days occasions, making it simple and easy to celebrate in seconds.

Occasions in the Home feed

Another way to discover occasions

We'll also give everyone a view of all occasions coming up over the next 7 days, on the discover page. Making it easier to plan ahead and harder to miss.

Occasions in Discovery

Occasions on your profile

At any time you'll be able to go to someone's profile and see their start date and birthday. Anyone can make this information private via their settings.

Occasions on your Profile

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