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Mo is an employee recognition and rewards platform that helps forward-thinking leaders cultivate the behaviours of the world’s top-performing teams.

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Traditional staff rewards schemes are broken

Why do so many modern companies still use outdated employee recognition schemes that feel like empty gestures?

The purpose of employee recognition hasn’t changed: it’s all about making people feel appreciated and valued. So what has changed?

Employee expectations. Today’s talent craves purpose, meaning and authenticity – not a one-size-fits-all, transactional incentive scheme that focuses only on extrinsic perks, points, awards and vouchers.

Reward From Moment

Reward your employees in a more meaningful way

Mo is an employee rewards and recognition platform that helps leaders improve collaboration and morale, reduce employee churn and drive change.

Choose from a wide range of gifts and rewards to elevate the moments that matter to people at work.

With our platform, you can design and automate your rewards and recognition program – but more than that, you can implement it in a way that’s meaningful and impactful. Tie your rewards to heartfelt thank you messages that your recipient can react to, and even add to their highlights reel.

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Increase employee engagement

Mo has a measurable impact on engagement scores.

When people feel energised, connected and engaged, productivity soars. High performance teams celebrate the highs, learn from the lows and take the time to pause, reflect and share moments that matter.

P2p Reward

Improve staff retention and attract good people

The top reason why people quit is they don’t feel a sense of belonging and don’t feel valued.

Mo directly addresses these issues, boosting retention. SHL reduced staff turnover by 8% within months of using Mo.

Boosts Performance

Create a focused, high performance culture

High performance teams have many ways of sharing key results: spreadsheets, dashboards, scorecards… but they’re full of detail, not a quick fix.

Email, Slack and Teams messages quickly disappear in the flow of work.

Why isn’t there a way to share key results – by individual, team, or company – that’s short, snappy and never gets lost? Well now there is.

Hero Moments

Improve collaboration and morale

Our clients report dramatic shifts in culture, resulting in greater discretionary effort and positive sentiment.

Teams say Mo helps them feel seen, heard and connected.

Hero Moments Values

Surface unsung heroes

Invisible work is the enemy of motivation.

Yet traditional, competition-based recognition systems pit people against one-another by only recognising the most conspicuous top performers.

What about your unsung heroes, quietly working to deliver extraordinary results?

Mo makes it easy for leaders to see who deserves to be recognised, so you can boost motivation by making the invisible visible.

What our customers say

“In just 12 months, our overall employee engagement has gone up 9%.”

Teri Ellison
Teri Ellison
Chief Human Resources Officer, SHL

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in employee recognition across the organisation.”

Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan
People Director, William Hill

“Mo makes work fun, engaging and a key part of mental health and engagement.”

Hazel Hogben
Hazel Hogben
Senior VP of Human Resources, Interstate Hotels

Stay safe, secure and connected

Mo fits neatly into your existing tech stack with enterprise-level security and super-speedy onboarding (days, not months)

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Harrier Assembly’s Mo Story

Choose the best plan for your team

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For small teams that crave a vibrant culture
£3 £2.55 $4 $3.40
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Everything you need to get started
  • Mobile app – iOS and Android
  • Basic insights and reporting
  • Moments – celebrate wins and say thanks
  • Boosts – prompt people to share
  • Occasions – birthdays, anniversaries & more
  • Real-time user support
For large companies that never want to miss a moment that matters
Talk to us Talk to us Talk to us Talk to us
Reach out to us to customise your bundle
Reach out to us to customise your bundle
All Level Up features plus
  • Custom rewards and recognition program design
  • Advanced technical and security features, including SSO and automated user provisioning
  • Specialist support to drive success
  • Full project implementation support

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