Webinar: Disruptive Leadership for the New World of Work

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Jane Young

Jane Young

VP Growth at Mo

Disruptive Leadership for the New World of Work

Let’s get real: people are downright sick of feeling overworked and undervalued. They’re choosing life and voting with their feet. The pandemic accelerated this shift, but a generational tidal wave has been gathering pace for years

Attracting and retaining talent is getting ridiculously hard. Over 60% of companies are struggling to keep people vs just 15% a year ago.

Employers believe that people care most about things like compensation, but in truth that’s way less important than they think. The number one reason why people quit their job is lack of recognition.

This is where disruptive leadership comes in. It’s all about instigating behavioural change: starting with yourself. Disruptive leaders have transformational superpowers; and with these powers, comes great responsibility.

During this 30-minute webinar you’ll discover how to:

  • Solve the #1 reason why people quit
  • Master the habits of high-performance teams
  • Create the culture (i.e. behaviours) you need to hit your goals

… and lots more!

Your speaker is Jane Young, a highly acclaimed speaker on all things ‘future of work’. Jane delivers keynotes across the globe for diverse audiences, exploring better ways to live and work through the lens of leadership, growth and innovation.

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