Webinar: How to Develop a High-Performance Culture with 360Learning

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Sarah Tillett

Learning Manager at 360Learning
Luke Fisher

Luke Fisher

CEO of Mo

How to Develop a High-Performance Culture that Makes People Want to Grow with You

What can organisations do to make people think twice about leaving?

Adopting a high-performance workplace culture could be just the ticket to retaining employees. But what does a high-performance culture look like in practice? And how can L&D and HR teams ensure they’re making the right impact when it comes to growth and retention?

What you’ll learn:

👇 Why top-down management doesn’t work–and what to do instead
🤝 How to leverage collaborative learning to create high-performing teams
💜 Why social recognition matters when it comes to employee engagement
♻ How to use peer-feedback loops to increase productivity and performance

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