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Four Great Ways to Reward Your Hospitality Staff

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Lynsey May Sutherland
Lynsey Sutherland

Hospitality workers are used to working in high-pressure environments and keeping a smile on their faces while doing it – there’s never been a better time than now to reward that dedication. 

The last few years have been tough for the whole industry. More stress has been placed on employees than usual, from pandemic-related restrictions to supply issues. With plenty of other crunches expected in the coming months, recognising hospitality staff has never been more important. 

Do you want to show your hardworking hospitality staff how much you value their contribution? We’ve included some of our favourite ways to share your appreciation.  

Why reward your hospitality staff

Rewarding your team boosts morale, increases wellbeing and makes your workplace a happier place to be. It can also do wonders for your retention rate, which tends to be a pain point for many organisations in the hospitality business. 

According to Big Hospitality, June 2022 saw 5.7% of the entire workforce leave, and an even higher percentage of pub workers, 7.1%, threw in the towel.

With a churn rate of approximately 6% per month, high staff turnover remains a key concern – so why not give your hardworking staff a few good reasons to stick with you?

When to reward hospitality staff 

A good reward and recognition system doesn’t wait until something exceptional happens to dish out praise. It pays attention to everyday successes and small wins too! Create a balance between big and small reasons for celebration for a more harmonious workplace. Stuck for inspiration? Look out for opportunities like:

They meet the goals you set out together 

You might take notice when people don’t hit their goals and start falling behind, but what about when others achieve the goals you’ve set for them? 

Strong and sustainable progress is perfect if you want employees to grow and learn without suffering from burnout, so it’s a great idea to reward employees who are steadily working to meet goals and improve their performance. 

They get name-checked in a positive review

Do you actively monitor review platforms like TrustPilot or Google Business Reviews? If so, look for instances when particular employees are called out for their excellent service.

More people than ever using Google to evaluate local businesses before making a choice (up to 81% in 2021) and happy customers are always the name of the game. If you know that your employees are doing everything they can to provide great service, why not reward them for it?

They do good things for your team

Rather than limiting your recognition program to hitting specific targets, it can be really useful to take a holistic look at how your employees behave – especially in high-pressure industries like hospitality. 

Teamwork is essential, and when you see an employee putting effort into keeping everyone working together, it’s worth investing in doing something that will make them feel good. 

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Ways to reward your hard-working hospitality team 

If you’re struggling to think of ways to reward your hard-working hospitality team, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Introduce more flexible working hours

The hospitality business is renowned for its long hours and irregular schedules, a status quo that can take a toll after a while. Help your employees feel cared for and happier by introducing flexible working hours wherever possible. 

The number of hotel workers looking for flexible working patterns has recently increased rapidly, according to Giving your staff a chance to fit their hours around their home life better can be a fantastic way to boost general happiness and wellbeing

2. Offer clear career development opportunities  

One of the biggest things you can do to reward hard work is to ensure it leads to bigger and better things. Employees who consistently do their job well should know there’s an opportunity for advancement – if they want it. 

Talk to your hospitality staff about where they see themselves in a few years and make some plans for helping them achieve the skills or experience they need to get there. Investing in their future is a brilliant way to reward and respect your staff.  

3. Start a wellbeing programme

Research from the Royal Society for Public Health found that 84% of hospitality workers reported stress directly from their job. Help your staff reduce the strain on their mental health and wellbeing with a programme designed to support them. 

From easy access to mental health resources to discounted membership at gyms or putting aside regular time for your teams to relax and bond, a comprehensive and holistic health and wellbeing program is the sort of reward that can make a real difference. 

4. Invest in a recognition platform

One-off rewards are all well and good, but there are few things as encouraging as a steady stream of appreciation. Our employee recognition platform makes it easier for managers and peers to share positive feedback and celebrate special moments. 

A recognition-rich culture is a gift that will keep on giving. It helps employees know they are appreciated day after day, and regular words of appreciation are the perfect complement to those special rewards or big days out that are also great for team building. 

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