Mo - Supporting togetherness at workInsights

Mo - Supporting togetherness at work

4 min read, by Lily Coleman

When we moved to remote working, we asked ourselves how we could keep everyone engaged and motivated and how we could maintain a sense of togetherness. We also needed a way to frequently and transparently communicate any company updates to keep everyone informed.

The meetings we introduced at the beginning of our remote-working stint were met with some quite rightful challenges.

“We have too many meetings in our diary”

“We have a similar meeting in my team”

“They disrupt my working time”

It’s quite true when people say you can’t always get it right the first time! So, we took a step back and began to learn what each of our employee’s new working days looked like, from when they started, when they finished, what they did during their breaks and how they spent their evenings. We saw that everyone was working to new routines and schedules and that they were facing their own challenges and another all-company Zoom call just wouldn't cut it.

By using a survey, we also found out what they thought could be improved during this unfamiliar time.

From the insights we received, we were able to create new ways to support and keep our employees informed, and most importantly, allow them to have some fun!

Team Updates

Although it’s relatively simple to stay connected with your own team (and those who you are connected with) whilst working remotely, it’s not always easy to know what other teams have been working on.

We wanted to introduce a quick and easy way for teams to share their highs, lows and successes without adding another all-company Zoom call to the diary.

As such, we have encouraged our teams to share a weekly update on Mo which focuses on their highs, lows and successes. This way, our people can stay connected with other teams in a way that is most convenient to them.

Coffee Club

One of the most common themes we saw in our survey was that everyone was missing catching up with one another over a coffee or at the snack drawer.

Rather than mandate a break where everyone caught up together and as a company we have created an always-open Google Hangout that we can drop in to throughout the day whenever we feel like a chat or a break.

We have also created a dedicated #coffee-club Slack channel where we can notify each other that we are here, ready to talk!

Common Interest Clubs

In our survey, we also asked what our employees were interested in and what they would like to explore more of. We saw that there were a lot of common interests, from gaming to cooking to Netflix!

We want to enable our people to stay connected and be able to share what’s important to them in a setting where they feel comfortable to do so, and that’s where our new Clubs come in.

After a fun (and lengthy!) game of Guess Who!, where everyone was able to learn more about each other’s interests and hobbies, we encouraged everyone to create Interest based Slack groups, to have a gaming night or to have a book club to stay together and have fun whilst working remotely. 

Monday updates

A lot has changed about work over the past few weeks and we wanted to ensure any company updates were shared transparently and frequently.

To keep our people informed, we re-introduced a Monday afternoon Kick Off meeting where Luke (Mo’s CEO) could talk through any news, updates or ideas that we want to take forward as a company.

Return of the Mocial

When we started working remotely, we introduced a Friday afternoon Quiz and virtual happy hour. It’s been really fun, and we’ve had lots of different games, from Ikea or Cheese to a Scavenger Hunt.

One thing we were missing was our monthly socials where we have previously gone to board game cafe, visited Thorpe Park or even just the local Shoreditch pubs.

To recreate these moments together, we will be introducing a monthly virtual Mocial where we can all participate in fun and engaging activities. We’ll be looking up online cooking classes, digital theatre groups or online art classes!

We are living and working through difficult times and internal communication is important to keep us together. We can't always know the right answers so it is key to review and assess to see what is working and be open to change.

If you're looking to help your people feel more together, let's talk.