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3 min read, by Claire Barrance

Today (Tuesday, 17 March), cities and towns have been on the quiet side with increasing numbers of organisations choosing, (for now) to make their workforce remote, in order to protect their people.

To help us get through these challenging times together, we take a quick look at the top tools and tricks that people swear by to stay connected, included and productive when working remotely :-)

It is good to talk

Working from home for long periods of time can be pretty isolating and lonely - it is important that we all keep talking and tools like Zoom and Google hangouts are great to connect you and your team via video and audio. 
Here at Mo we are kicking off every morning with 9am team calls to check in on each other, go through our to do lists and keep our mental health in check with some real conversation (and laughs)! 

Create a dedicated workspace within your home

This morning we were busy sharing photos of the workstations we have created to get into that concentration zone. It means you can focus when working but move away to a different space for breaks and downtime which are also hugely important to keep you refreshed and engaged.

Keep up the collaboration!

We need to keep up with our work and not let this situation affect our teamwork too much. Slack is the perfect place to file share, create project groups and instantly update each other on progress.

Get out and about

When we work from our office we have a load of things that break up the day, from coffee making chats to popping out for a Pret sarnie. Working at home alone it is easy to get in the zone and not allow ourselves to have a breather.
Send yourself out for an early morning walk or get outside at lunchtime. Fresh air and moments fully away from your desk will allow you to refocus and not burnout.

The power of music

Music brings us together and can lift the mood in bad times. Over at Mo we have made a collaborative Spotify list where all of our colleagues can add their favourite songs to. We can then work together with the same soundtrack, just like being in the office.


Exercise is great for the mind and we have decided to create a virtual club where we can workout together. We have a dedicated time (8-8.30am) where we will all log in via Google Hangouts and get going with our exercise of choice. 

Virtual happy hour

It is pretty isolating at the moment with the advice being to stay away from social gatherings. We have decided to host weekly virtual drinks so that we can all catch up over a drink and enjoy some social time.
It is important to try and have fun along the way despite the times we are facing. Our first was a cheers to Paddy's Day with a Guinness in hand!

Check out Mo!

Last but definitely not least, of course we have to mention our very own app Mo! Sharing moments will get us through these challenging times and Mo is the perfect place to stay connected across your organisation and share some of the positive things going on in your teams.
If you're looking to help your people feel more together, let's talk.

There is also a useful list of great tools available (and also featuring Mo), tech against Coronavirus.

We know how unsettling things feel right now, but make sure you take care of yourself and your teams, we are in this together.