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Moments with Ruth Cornish

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Mo Moments

We are back already with the next instalment of our moments podcast hosted by Luke, CEO of Mo. Our special guest is Ruth Cornish, Founder and Managing Director of HR Consultancy, Amelore Ltd.

Ruth has over 30 years of HR experience under her belt and has worked with some of the biggest corporate names out there including, American Express city investment banks ABN Amro & Charterhouse and Mazars LLP. She launched her own HR consultancy, Amelore, 10 years ago specialising in supporting business growth and providing strategic and operational HR support.‍

Ruth has watched first hand how the world of work has changed and evolved over time. Therefore, she was the perfect person to join us to discuss the future of work and how the worker relationship with work is shifting.‍

‘’Work is important but other factors outside are becoming just as important’’

‍One of the first observations Ruth made, was how individuals are striving for a better work/life balance – people are now making choices to give themselves greater flexibility. This can be by taking on freelancing roles over full time employment or seeking flexible working hours. It is important for organisations to be aware of these trends and adjust to keep ahead and attract the best talent.  ‍

‘’Organisations need to be authentic’’

‍Ruth explains how companies with a clear purpose and values are ahead of the curve. Workers are wanting a more emotional connection and to feel like they are cared for.
Although money may still be a motivator, there are many other factors that motivate the modern worker.‍

‘’Corporate loyalty is dying a death!’’

‍With the shift away from the traditional 9-5 working life, graduates are now actively seeking out small start ups and freelance roles and moving away from the corporate world. HR needs to lead the way to remain competitive, building a strong employer brand to stand out. We round this episode up nicely with Ruth’s 3 top tips on how to practically bring some of the discussion points to life in your organisation.‍

Our podcast features guest speakers who have a different view of work, they share their ideas, insights and top tips on how you can make positive changes in your workplace.‍

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