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Moments with Monzo

Mo Moments
November 10, 2019
2 min read

In this episode we share a moment with Tara, Head of People at Monzo – currently the UK’s fastest growing bank – they are providing a modern alternative to consumer finance and are all about solving problems with the mission of making money work for everyone. Tara heads up the People Collective at Monzo and has been part of the company’s amazing journey, as they’ve grown from just 50 people to nearly 1,500 people in just 3 years!

“Make sure everyone belongs before they arrive”

“Think big, start small”

It’s clearly been an amazing ride and we loved hearing all about it from a people perspective – Tara shared how the company culture has developed over time, the innovative ways to drive/maintain employee engagement and working relationships in a rapidly growing organisation, and the huge importance of a focus on employees health and well-being.

We really enjoyed our chat with Tara, learning about the challenges and successes of working within a modern, fast scaling organisation like Monzo and picking up some tips along the way!

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