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Moments with Glenn

2 min read, by Claire Barrance

We met Glenn, Internal Communications and Engagement Partner at Missguided a few weeks ago to record this episode (and what a lot has happened to the world since).

We had a really fun and open chat, looking at the creative ways Glenn and his team have tackled employee engagement in the organisation.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Missguided, it is primarily an online female fashion brand that is on a mission to empower young women with body confidence. 

‘At Missguided we are all about creating extraordinary colleague experiences, being unique and creating an exciting work environment’

They have a unique culture at Missguided, with a big focus on fun and a playful tone of voice, their brand both internally and externally is kept consistent throughout. 

One of the first things we explored with Glenn was one of the key projects that he has worked on which was creating the Missguided company values (or vibes as they are now known as) from scratch. 

He explains why they are defined as vibes, how and why he involved his colleagues in the whole process and how the vibes are brought to life and consistently embedded into the organisation.

‘With staff initiatives I am a big believer in doing things little and often'

Creativity and fun is a real big part of life at Missguided. Glenn spoke through some of the inventive yet small budget ways that they have engaged their employees, always linking back to their vibes.

From their famous treat trolley, to freebie Friday, virtual staff pet show, random acts of kindness and valentine themed treats, the team create meaningful moments to bring the team together.

The initiatives create a real sense of excitement and community amongst the staff.

'It is about making things memorable'

Glenn rounds up the podcast with his tips on how to make a start in creating a creative, engaging communication strategy for employees.

What a fantastic conversation, giving us inspiration to start thinking more outside of the box when it comes to employee experience.

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