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Moments with Euan

2 min read, by Claire Barrance

This is a special live podcast episode, recorded at our moments at work with Euan Blair event at The Soho Hotel. 

Euan is the CEO and Co-Founder of WhiteHat, a tech startup building an outstanding alternative to university. Their mission is to develop a diverse group of future leaders through their innovative programmes.

'Don’t expect to attract diverse talent if you’re fishing for it in the same place'

Euan chats in front of a live audience with Luke, CEO of Mo. He reflects on his own work journey, which initially took a traditional path with a university degree, a masters and then onto a career at a top bank. After working relentlessly, Euan realised that he wanted to make a change and do something he felt passionate about: giving opportunities to a diverse group of people.

The hot topic in this episode is diversity and the importance of opening up opportunities within an organisation to a wider pool of people. If you employ individuals with the same profile and background, it limits innovation. Employees will approach things in the same way and there will be a lack of new ways of thinking/ideas to drive the company forward.

We loved the energy at this event and it was great to record this episode in front of our live audience to capture the moment. If you would like more information about WhiteHat and working with apprentices, do check out their website.

This podcast series features a whole host of different guest speakers who have a different view of work and how to make it better.

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