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Moments with David Kosky

Mo Moments
May 1, 2019
2 min read

‍Here we are, already on the fifth episode of the year! This time round we sat down with David Kosky, Co-Founder of Work.Life, a group of co-working spaces focused on workplace happiness, to explore the growing trend of agile working, the impact the physical workspace has on health and personal connections at work.  ‍

“We need personal connections”

‍We spend so many of our hours at work, we want to be in surroundings that make us feel happy. The approach that David and his team at Work.Life have is to keep their spaces small and make the work experience personal for their members.‍

“Work has become a consumer experience”

‍The world of work is changing, people are starting to move away from careers in the larger corporate companies and are becoming more attracted to smaller, start-up organisations that are more purposeful.

‍This is one of the factors that has led to a growth in demand for flexible workspaces that we see pop up all over cities in the UK.‍

Not all organisations can fully adopt the co-working space model, but David talks through some ideas and considerations on how to consider design of the physical workspace and how making the experience of work a positive one for employees has business benefits like improved productivity and retention.

‍The Moments podcast gives you an opportunity to take some time out of your day to listen to different perspectives on work and hear some new ideas that you can take to your organisation.

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